Must Watch: Stunting Grandpa Style

Seventy-six years young when depicted in this video, Harry Kramer developed a remarkable riding style over the course of sixty plus years of daily practice. In addition to the stunts filmed in this segment, he was famous for riding in a handstand and performing the first trials segment on the steps of the U.S. Capital building.

Apparently the only thing he couldn’t balance was his wife’s bank account. Learn more about the legend here



wheelz - 12/02/13 - 9:07am

Awesome! Inspiring.

Ronin - 12/02/13 - 9:26am

I wanna do that when I get to his age…

Grow beard, grow!!!

John D - 12/02/13 - 10:57am

The LBS in Travelers Rest, Sunrift Adventures (building @1:10), used to have Mr. Kramer’s Penny Farthing on display! I wonder what he would think if he were able to see (and ride!) the community supported bike park behind Sunrift Adventures today…

delboy - 12/02/13 - 12:33pm

a new hero

kurti_sc - 12/02/13 - 1:04pm

TR! Downtown still looks about the same, too.

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