Video: GoPro Films The Birth Of A Bike

This video was sent in to us by Gordon Yeager, owner of the Velo Hangar. He said GoPro wanted to film a bike build using their new Hero3+ camera and asked him if he’d let them film it. The bike: 2014 Specialized SL4, components: Shimano Dura Ace 9000 mechanical. BTW, Gordon’s shop video was a runner up to last spring’s Bikerumor Bike Shop Video Challenge.


sprocket scientist - 11/23/13 - 9:59pm

Cool video and an awesome shop! Gordon not only builds bikes, but also serves some of the best espresso in the area.

Jason - 11/23/13 - 10:31pm

He sure has some nice tools in that shop.

kingsley - 11/23/13 - 11:42pm

Great vid! Who ever thought of putting a go pro on a torque wrench?! Top notch work done there. It’s all in the details. Velo Hangar has a reputation for craftsmanship.

Sherman Purchase - 11/25/13 - 12:07am

While there is no doubt that Gordon will hand over a perfectly tuned bike all the time, it is not the shop’s greatest virtue. It is the artisan cafe drinks and the great Velo Hangar on-and-off the bike clothing that sets it apart from any other shop within 500 miles of San Diego. Speaking of which, is that vest available for purchase?

Kingsley - 11/25/13 - 2:04am

Yes the local coffee is great, and the those Squadra kits are even better!

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