Dream-City-Bike, Filson Takes Shinola’s Waterford Made Bixby To New Heights Of Luxury


Have you noticed the increasing trend of lifestyle bikes yet? They are everywhere. This is likely associated with the statistical trend of bicycles outselling cars – and that should make all of us smile.

So, if you’re like us and have a dedicated city-bike, and yet unlike us and have a few grand to drop on said city-bike, then we have something just for you. (And even if you don’t have the spare $2.9k, you may be just as fascinated by this beauty.) Catch the alluring details of Filson and Shinola‘s US made, city-dream-bike collaboration after the break…


You know Filson as the Seattle based softgoods manufacturer of top-end luggage and clothing for hunting, fishing and travel. To bring to market this limited edition Bixby, they have partnered with Detroit based Shinola, maker of fine watches handmade right in MotorCity, and curator of fine leather-goods and Waterford bicycles.


This limited edition Bixby is the product of Shinola and Filson’s collaboration. The result speaks for itself; the frame is double-butted TrueTemper steel, painted Filson Green. Draped from it are Shimano’s Nexus 3-speed hub and mech discs, all hiding under custom bamboo fenders and Portland Design Works rear rack with bamboo deck, featuring laser-etched Filson logo.


With an eye on fostering US manufacturing, both Filson and Shinola have gone the extra mile in this collaboration – notice the custom brass pedals by Shinola.


At this level of design it’s all about attention to detail. And this limited edition Bixby has details in spades. It get no classier than these brass touches and custom leather grips.


Embellishing the luxury is Shinola’s leather saddle with copper rivets and copper-finished rails.


The aluminum front rack is built to Shinola’s specs. Filson worked with Shinola on developing custom Tin Cloth bags for the front and rear racks.

As this short film highlights, Shinola’s search for high-quality, US made goods brought them to Waterford, WI. Both their Bixby and Ridewell framesets are exclusive Waterford Precision Cycles projects which are then built up by Shinola in their Detroit headquarters. (If you are so inclined you can collect a limited edition Bixby here.)




T Schaefer - 11/14/13 - 9:50am

What a gorgeous bicycle, I’m certain it’s a joy to roll around town on. Excellent execution in the detailing also. As a bicycling enthusiast and advocate, I love my road, mountain, and cruiser bicycles, and put many miles on them each year. But there is something special about having a bicycle that is perfect for rides to the park, botanical gardens, farmers market, coffee with friends, etc. Not that my other bicycles couldn’t also be utilized for these rides, but riding on a stylish city bicycle seems to make the occasion that much more enjoyable. With many similar modifications as the bicycle above, here is my modified Yuba Boda Boda: http://i938.photobucket.com/albums/ad227/Lu-Max/FB-side_zpsb5914312.jpg

Peter R. - 11/14/13 - 10:05am

Beautifully made bicycle…All the way down to the details. Will I ever own one, No(I have a wife). Plus its alittle out of my price range.

LeeV140 - 11/14/13 - 10:13am

That brass & copper detailing is just gorgeous.
Not a lifestyle/city biker, but this is some eye candy.

Bill P - 11/14/13 - 10:22am

Beautiful product and nice presentation.

butt - 11/14/13 - 8:44pm

Beautiful, but they dropped the ball on some parts. The major one? Fenders. All of Shinola’s bikes have proper length fenders (even lower would be nice, but they suffice). There’s only one thing the front fender is good for on this bike, and that’s getting your feet wet.

The second is the hub. I’m not asking for the Runwell’s Di2 setup (which looks amazing), but even an 8 speed Nexus isn’t out of the question. Bikesdirect can sell the Kensington for $500 with that hub. It’s clearly not an issue of price.

JimmyZ - 11/14/13 - 10:48pm

solid platinum steer tube spacers
rich cordoban leather saddle
brake pads made from black rhinoceros horns
truly a lifestyle bicycle fit for no lesser a personage than say, Curt Schilling
riding this precision crafted luxury machine is like doing yoga positions at an exclusive retreat attended by Madonna and whoever replaced Steve Jobs

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