Must Watch: Casey Brown – Death Grip

We missed this one for the Friday Shredits, but it’s definitely worth sharing.

Your brakes are just slowing you down. What to do if you want to go faster? Remove them completely of course. It sounds crazy, but that’s exactly what World Cup Downhill racer Casey Brown set out to do in her Sony Dream Capture episode titled Death Grip. The result? No brakes, a downhill bike, and nearly 60 mph off road. Yikes.


Maximilian IV - 11/08/13 - 12:07pm

don’t get it… it’s just coasting down the side of a bare hill in a straight line.

Kevin - 11/08/13 - 12:57pm

15 years ago I recorded 90kph on a German forest road. It had a closed metal barrier at the bottom. So I sure needed brakes. I walked back up and could see my brake marks for about 200m back up the forest road. Wish I was still that brave / stupid.

Wave - 11/08/13 - 12:58pm

Things always seem more impressive in kph.

chasejj - 11/08/13 - 3:26pm

So she was going almost 60mph. Still pretty fast for a trail like that. I can’t believe sh would do that with no gloves!

phil - 11/08/13 - 4:05pm

Insane speed on a mountain bike, at MSA the fastest riders hit 70kph on the top section and that’s already blistering fast…

slippyfish - 11/08/13 - 5:44pm

Just knowing you have no brakes is scary. Top speed runs are scary. I bet that hill is steep as shit.

KJR - 11/09/13 - 12:05am

@Maximillian IV: go ride it then. I’ve stood at the top, and this video doesn’t do justice to how step it is. It’s like riding down a wall…

James S - 11/09/13 - 1:45am

But why did she take off the rotors? Taking off the levers and calipers would have been sufficient…

Kevin - 11/09/13 - 12:04pm

Agree with KJR. A hill steep enough to do 60 on is really steep. You’ll only ever do it on a straight hill – bikes and 60mph corners just don’t mix. And anything over 50mph is one hell of a buzz – even more so if on dirt. That run in Germany at 56mph was my one and only 50+ on dirt, all the others have been tarmac. It was a once in a lifetime long, straight and super steep hill so I had to do it.
But why why why no gloves ?????????????

Hotep - 11/11/13 - 12:11am

Glove worry? She was riding without brakes for Christsake…..

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