Sven Nys Makes the Switch to Shimano Hydraulic Disc Brakes on some Interesting Wheels

Sven Nys disc brake bike build Shimano 4

All photos c. Shimano

The debate over discs for cross has long covered the fact that the pros in Europe didn’t want them – well whether he wanted them or not, Sven Nys is making the switch. Shimano recently posted these photos of Nys’ new Colnago Prestige disc being built up for this weekend’s race. Nys will be running Shimano’s new R785 Di2/hydraulic disc brakes with (we’re assuming) a Dura Ace drivetrain.

The wheels that are shown though, we’re not quite sure what they are. Check them out after the break.

Sven Nys disc brake bike build Shimano

Sven Nys disc brake bike build Shimano 2

The mineral oil based system bleeds in a similar way to their mountain bike brake, while Ice Tech finned radiator pads and the SM RT99 Freeza rotor help keep the heat in check.

Sven Nys disc brake bike build Shimano 1

Check out that bleed syringe. I want one.

Sven Nys disc brake bike build Shimano 5

As far as we know Shimano doesn’t have a cyclocross carbon tubular with disc hubs and what appears to be a lack of brake track. Just a one off wheel for Nys or prototype for something in the future?

Sven Nys disc brake bike build Shimano 3

After this cross season Nys will be saying adieu to Colnago as he heads towards racing for Trek in 2014. We’re not sure what he will be riding when he gets there, but it looks like whatever it is will be disc equipped…


Onelegbiker - 11/07/13 - 1:16pm

Shimano was smart enough to reuse the XT brakes caliper. I’m amazed he’s mot using the XTR caliper instead to shave a few grams.

slippyfish - 11/07/13 - 1:46pm

Cool…but not sure why the IceTech stuff would be necessary for a pro cross bike. There’s never going to be a heat load consistent to boil the mineral oil. Plus its going to be typically cold weather. But I defer to the engineers…unless its marketing people making the choices.

That Guy - 11/07/13 - 2:04pm

Wheels are possibly based on the XTR carbon tubular mountain bike wheels.

ry - 11/07/13 - 2:06pm

that repair stand looks pretty cool, looks like a park tool but it is shimano…

Zach Overholt - 11/07/13 - 2:12pm

I thought about that too, but the XTR wheels aren’t as deep and have completely different hubs.

bin judgin - 11/07/13 - 2:15pm

Will the levers pull to the bar & the calipers leak like all of last years XTs?

Tyler - 11/07/13 - 2:17pm

Are the Rims/Wheels XTR 29er Tubular, sans decals?

wheelguy - 11/07/13 - 2:24pm

Nice. Shimano, could you make some mechanical hydraulic road disc brakes? Pretty please.

bike gang - 11/07/13 - 2:37pm

I don’t understand why he would run drop bars on a mountain bike. That is so 80’s.

pornitswhatlwouldratherbmaking - 11/07/13 - 2:40pm

What kind of syring is he using? That looks pretty cool.

ms6073 - 11/07/13 - 3:02pm

I suspect the rims are from either ax-lightness’ Full carbon 29er tubular rims for disc brakes or Enve Twenty9 XC disc brake tubulars.

DeafDaddy - 11/07/13 - 3:16pm

@bike gang:

It’s a cyclocross bike, not a mountain bike. All cyclocross bikes (& most racers) use drop bars.

Dyno-mite! - 11/07/13 - 3:24pm

I bet Gary Trek just cuts out the TT to ST arch and repaints this.

willbikeforpants - 11/07/13 - 3:38pm

Most importantly…

What kind of bleed kit/syringe is that?! That is some pro level toolery right there!

I want that more than the d*mn brakes.

My vote is those are ENVE tubular XC hoops, the finish looks very similar.

thesteve4761 - 11/07/13 - 3:49pm

What?! No Thru axles! Sven is definitely going to lose now.

tp98 - 11/07/13 - 4:22pm

polished xtr hubs on china/no name rims

NCMTB - 11/07/13 - 4:23pm

@DeafDaddy sarcasm is really lost on the internet after all!

RAMBIS - 11/07/13 - 4:23pm

The nipples are showing. ENVE hides their nipples.

Wielernet - 11/07/13 - 4:30pm

They using the VAR bleed kid.

greg - 11/07/13 - 4:30pm

xtr standard hubs on some dura ace wheelsystem carbon rims. except that the freehub looks like it’s steel instead of ti, but it could be a photo illusion.

Duh - 11/07/13 - 4:49pm

They are the same Bontrager rims that KFC is rocking, with Shimano decals since he can’t publicly ride them till January.

BP - 11/07/13 - 6:07pm

They look like the new Shimano CX75 11s disc hubs laced to C35 tuby rims.

aaron - 11/07/13 - 6:09pm

When the brakes were introduced there was an announcement that there would be new cross disc wheels coming out as well.

Paul - 11/07/13 - 9:09pm

I think I missed a picture, I didn’t see any nipples, why are you guys talking about nipples?

gravity - 11/07/13 - 11:41pm

Agree with Duh – Those are the new Bontrager prototypes. The other rumor is that, since Nys and Shimano are BFF, for 2014, SRAM is out and Shimano is in on Trek. This goes for KfC too, apparently. So anyway, makes sense that Shimano would have some custom stuff with his Bontrager rims to use all the way through Worlds.

SuperDave - 11/08/13 - 1:38am

BP – we have a winner!

Rob - 11/08/13 - 4:12am

bleed kit–
i have one, and it is the whip

MikeC - 11/08/13 - 9:28am

“We’re not sure what he will be riding when he gets there…”

Well, gee, they intro’d the CrossRip (disc) and dropped the Ion for the Crockett (disc); I wonder if there’s another CX bike in their line-up that maybe didn’t get a disc update this year… Oh, wait! The Cronus CX!

Hire Nys –> intro Cronus CX Disc. No-brainer.

spokeoke - 11/08/13 - 9:28am

Those are the new 29″/cycloross carbon tubby wheels, intermediate tire base to prevent the need for two different rims, yet still compatible with tufo, Dugast and the likes for both Mtb Tubbies and Cross tubbies.

I say well done shimano!

Alejandro - 11/08/13 - 10:10am

The hubs look to be centerlock ultegra.

fred - 11/08/13 - 11:05am

The canti’s are now officially dead.

Camberto - 11/08/13 - 6:14pm

You can get those syringes from a veterinary supply store for a fraction of the cost of a branded one.

der max - 11/11/13 - 12:32pm

Lars Van Der Haar got the disc brake thing moving. After winning the first World Cup race at Valkenburg-Holland (on disc brakes) everyone woke up and wanted to test them too. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much equipment available so as of today (11/11) Sven Nys and Niels Albert each have one bike equiped with discbrakes. This weekend has seen two mudcrosses (Hamme-Zogge and Niel) so discbrakes weren’t a great advantage, also due to their heavier weight.

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