New 89-Gram Dash Cycles Full Carbon Seatpost Saddles Up for Action

Dash Cycles full carbon lightweight seatpost

Matching the covetable weight and beauty of their handcrafted carbon saddles, the new Dash Cycles Carbon Seatpost brings gram savings further down the bike.

It’s a simple single bolt design using carbon rail clamps on a curved base to adjust both tilt and slide. Weights are as low as 89g, and they’ll offer it in two diameters with varying layups for different weight riders and for road or mountain bike use. The clamps will work with standard 7mm round saddle rails or the oblong 7x9mm rails found on many carbon saddles. Setback is 15mm.

Retail is set at $600. If that didn’t scare you away, read on for a breakdown of weights and options…

Dash Cycles full carbon lightweight seatpost

The seatpost is available in four layups, three lengths and two diameters. Based on the math on their website, here’s how they stack up in grams:


  • 27.2 Standard (riders up to 75kg/165lb)
    • 250mm – 89g
    • 300mm – 100g
    • 350mm – 115g
  • 27.2 Heavy Duty (riders up to 100kg/220lb)
    • 250mm – 109g
    • 300mm – 120g
    • 350mm – 135g
  • 31.6 Standard (riders up to 75kg/165lb)
    • 250mm – 99g
    • 300mm – 110g
    • 350mm – 125g
  • 31.6 Heavy Duty (riders up to 100kg/220lb)
    • 250mm – 119g
    • 300mm – 130g
    • 350mm – 145g


  • 27.2 Standard (riders up to 75kg/165lb)
    • 250mm – 109g
    • 300mm – 120g
    • 350mm – 135g
  • 27.2 Heavy Duty (riders up to 100kg/220lb)
    • 250mm – 124g
    • 300mm – 135g
    • 350mm – 150g
  • 31.6 Standard (riders up to 75kg/165lb)
    • 250mm – 119g
    • 300mm – 130g
    • 350mm – 145g
  • 31.6 Heavy Duty (riders up to 100kg/220lb)
    • 250mm – 134g
    • 300mm – 145g
    • 350mm – 160g

Dash Cycles full carbon lightweight seatpost

Lead time is around two weeks as of this posting.


pmurf - 10/31/13 - 11:19am

I’m sure we’ll see a slew of anti-WW comments posted here about “riding a $600 toothpick” but I must say, it’s a fantastic looking seatpost. Simple, a bit unique, I dig it.

Robo - 10/31/13 - 11:34am

I do like the look of it but for $600 at more than half the weight/triple the price of a lot of other options out there…..meh. (I’d be riding the 300 or 350mm heavy duty post. I weigh 170)

Now, if the heaviest one was 89g, I’d be really impressed. However, it’s companies like these that push the envelope, so kudos, keep up the good work!

uglyyeti - 10/31/13 - 11:36am

Finally a post for my square seat tube!

CW - 10/31/13 - 11:46am

600US ~ 440 Euro, I will buy Schmolke Carbon TLO. My Schmolke 31.6 x 375mm is weight 104g and the rider limit is 90kg.

Keith - 10/31/13 - 12:27pm

If only I hadn’t purchased 2 sets of carbon wheels…..

robobike - 10/31/13 - 12:36pm

$150 Thomson masterpiece 27.2 350mm seatpost = 193g
$600 Dash Cycles 27.2 350 heavy duty mtb seatpost = 150g

To each their own :)

AlanM - 10/31/13 - 12:52pm

I don’t like that at 178lbs I’m considered “heavy duty.”

DerHoggz - 10/31/13 - 1:40pm


Lose some weight then. You are familiar with road cycling morphology, no?

pmurf - 10/31/13 - 3:16pm

@DerHoggz – depends on how tall AlanM is. If he’s 6′ or more, that’s not that heavy, especially if your legs are built.

Mindless - 10/31/13 - 3:45pm

Anything with a weight limit has no place on a mountain bike.

Mindless - 10/31/13 - 3:48pm

$450 to save 33g compared to Thomson Masterpiece 31.6? Really?


Haywood - 10/31/13 - 4:35pm

I think this is a first for bikerumor to put up real numbers that matter to people. Hoping to see more of this!

Pete - 10/31/13 - 6:41pm

Single bolt clamps are rarely reliable… Especially carbon-on-carbon

JOEP - 10/31/13 - 6:48pm

@Mindless- Agree. I don’t know what people are thinking when they put this kind of thing on a mountain bike. On a road bike yeah maybe if you can justify it for greater race speeds.

I get shivers thinking about the wounds created by a snapped carbon fiber seatpost……./shudder

JCP - 10/31/13 - 8:36pm

Will this make me better rider?

rico - 10/31/13 - 9:14pm

Thompson masterpiece can take a hike. Dash rocks.

Ajax - 10/31/13 - 9:48pm

This seatpost is square.

Keith B - 10/31/13 - 10:33pm

Looks nice but a Bontrager Race XXX Lite is 150g for 27.2 x 330 and $200 with no posted weight limit. I have used one on a hardtail for a few years now with no issues. I am 165#.

Big Cow - 11/01/13 - 12:44am

im going to get a custom frame with two seat tubes just so i can use the light version i weigh 325lbs so i will use 2 seatposts

Argh - 11/01/13 - 3:17am

34.9? wut?

WG - 11/01/13 - 10:22am

“read on for a breakdown” – I’d rather say “ride on for a breakdown”.

Tandumb - 11/01/13 - 11:25am

Full-carbon? Whatever… it still needs a carbon bolt. Maybe then we’ll talk.


AlanM - 11/01/13 - 1:16pm

@DerHoggz, did you just call me fat?

Colin - 11/04/13 - 3:04pm

@mindless, So I take it that ZTR Crest wheels, Thomson masterpiece seatposts, and Specialized frames should never be ridden off road? Because they all have weight limits.

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