IB13: Guru Updates Crono Triathlon Race Bike, Slims Bicycle Overall Lineup

2014 Guru Crono CR901 triathlon bike

The ultra lightweight Photon series launched at NAHBS and carries over, available in complete bikes or as a frameset. The 675g Photon HL is custom only. The rest of the range gets scaled back considerably, with only one core model for each basic type of riding. The original Photon, the Evolo/Evolo R and the Crono 501/701 are all gone. What’s left are the new high end Photon HL/SL/R, the steel Sidero (in standard, CX and touring versions), the titanium Praemio (Standard/R/CX/T), the mid-level carbon Flite, the titanium XC26/27.5/29 mountain bike and the Crono 301 and the all new 901 triathlon bikes, shown here.

The Crono CR.901 triathlon bike is the one with the updates for 2014. It has a new seatpost that maintains the huge range of adjustment, offering a change in effective seat angles from 76° to 82°. The actual seat angle is now 79°, one degree steeper than before.

They made the headtube 50% stiffer, and gave it their versatile mech/elec cable ports. Detail pics after the break…

2014 Guru Crono CR901 triathlon bike

A long rail provides a huge range of adjustment.

2014 Guru Crono CR901 triathlon bike

The saddle rail clamp part bolts into a captured piece inside the post, which helps lock in the fore/aft adjustment. A separate bolt adjusts tilt.

2014 Guru Crono CR901 triathlon bike

A hidden port hides the Di2 junction box, and the battery is further up at the seat post. Retail is $4900 and up for custom framesets.


Mindless - 10/08/13 - 11:32am

Needs more bright stickers.

Rich W. - 10/08/13 - 2:51pm

I had a terrible warranty experience with Guru. Will never buy another thing from them!

Ismael - 10/08/13 - 8:06pm

Exselente bisicleta

1Pro - 10/09/13 - 9:11am

what Rich says. disregard any warranty they claim to have. they will cheat their way around honoring it.

A. - 10/10/13 - 8:23pm

Same experience with customer service as the guys above. Got a little bit better recently, but not what it should be.

Guru Cycles - 11/04/13 - 4:32pm

Rich W, 1Pro and A, we apologize for the past customer service you received. Guru Cycles offers a lifetime warranty to the initial owner of all of our Guru bikes. Please contact me at jodi@gurucycles.com if you would like to speak further about your experiences. Thank you.

Russ - 11/11/13 - 8:17pm

I have a different opinion, Guru replaced my frame that had a small crack with no question’s asked. Very stand up company in my eyes !


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