Turner Bicycles Releases 20th Anniversary Turner Burner Mountain Bike


Turner Bicycles is celebrating the 20th anniversary of it’s first mountain bike, the Burner, with a special 20th Anniversary Edition of the current Burner. The original Burner of 1994 vintage packed 2.75″ of rear wheel travel (with a downhill rocker option upping that to a mind-blowing 3.6″ of travel); the current Burner ups the ante a bit. Hit the break for the full specs on the new Burner!

The 20th Anniversary Turner Burner packs 5.5″ of rear wheel travel, and rolls on 27.5″ (650b) wheels. Like the other bikes in the Turner lineup, it utilizes the well-regarded dw-link suspension design, with kinematics specifically tuned for this new model and wheel size.


Celebrating 20 years of made-in-the-USA aluminum full-squish goodness.


A limited edition, high-polish finish makes this edition of the Burner stand out from the crowd even further. As with all Turners, the dw-link suspension rotates on journal bearings, with hard anodized aluminum pivot shafts and Kevlar composite bearings. Zerk fittings allow for easy lubrication of the pivots without the need for disassembly. Those of you who were on the mountain bike scene in 1994 will likely also remember the “Full-Time Fun” decals on the rear triangle.


A post-mount for the rear disc caliper keeps things tidy with no need for an adaptor. Replaceable stainless steel inserts prevent threading steel bolts into soft aluminum, minimizing the risk of stripped threads.


A tidy replaceable 142 x 12 rear dropout accepts a DT Swiss RWS thru-axle for maximum stiffness and ease of setup. The direct-mount rear derailleur adds extra durability.


tajiri - 10/02/13 - 12:16pm

full chrome polished bling bling

K11 - 10/02/13 - 12:25pm

usa made 20yr…want.

Todd - 10/02/13 - 1:24pm

Beautiful! The most mountain bike looking mountain bike out there. Full Sush wise, anyways.

ant1 - 10/02/13 - 1:49pm

i’ve always like turners, this one’s especially purdy.

vhom - 10/02/13 - 2:46pm

I would give my left you know what for it…maybe even a kidney too. Such a beautiful bike!

Sark - 10/02/13 - 3:24pm


ant1 - 10/02/13 - 3:47pm

vhom, i’d give your right one too.

g - 10/02/13 - 4:09pm

That isn’t a direct mount rd.

MissedThePoint - 10/02/13 - 5:58pm

Gonna be spending a lot of time shining that baby up after each ride to keep that appearance.

Francis - 10/02/13 - 8:26pm

That’s gotta hurt the eyes when biking under the bright sun aye? haha. Beautiful bike though… and yeah, blingity bling-bling.

MaLóL - 10/03/13 - 8:11am

that rear der is not direct mount.

satisFACTORYrider - 10/03/13 - 10:32am

it makes me wish for an updated IH 6pt. that was a banger ride.

dougal - 10/04/13 - 11:53am

That is one nice bike!

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