IB13: Trending – HiViz Yellow brightens up the day (and night)


Every year at Interbike we notice new trends.  Fat bikes, gravel bikes, and matte paint were all trending this year.  Our friends at Urban Velo think Camo is the new black, and I have to agree, it was all over the place.  However, the one thing I saw even more of this year was fluorescent yellow.  Seriously, it seemed to be in nearly every booth!  Hit the break for the full gallery.



WannaBeSTi - 10/01/13 - 5:36am

The first kit is one cool Fred kit. The rest I can handle.

flipflops - 10/01/13 - 6:22am

What brand is the cycling suit in the 13th photo – I don’t recognise the logo. Looks like OCO or OCQ?

Pete - 10/01/13 - 7:57am

Please tell me that the HiViz balance bike in the last pic is a one off joke…

Don’t worry three year old daughter, you can ride your balance bike in the street. It’s HiViz!

Quickie - 10/01/13 - 9:01am

My eyes!

tb34 - 10/01/13 - 9:03am

flipflops, it looks like an Zoca skinsuit: http://www.zocagear.com/

satisFACTORYrider - 10/01/13 - 9:21am

Cool. A flash of neon right before you look up from txtng while driving.

knuckler - 10/01/13 - 9:36am

The balance bike is not a one off. I noticed the disc brake and stopped to chat with Comencal. It didn’t even register that it might be high viz, it just looked yellow.

Mars - 10/01/13 - 2:34pm

“Lets make the Jersey High-vis yellow so the rider stands out”

“Good idea, but lets also throw in some Camo so that the rider blends into the background better”

Gillis - 10/01/13 - 2:38pm

@Pete, why wouldn’t a parent want their kid on something that is more visible? Even if they’re not in the street doesn’t mean they’re safe from cars. Driveways crossing sidewalks would be a good example.

Speedy - 10/01/13 - 7:35pm

@flipflops – its http://www.zocagear.com/

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