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Photo submitted by Brian Hackathorne, “Alex Petkus on the podium from our Hell Hole Gravel Grind Sunday stage. He didn’t have a great finish, but did come away with an awesome story.”

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ant1 - 10/01/13 - 8:36am

awesome race

Andrew - 10/01/13 - 9:00am

aw, that’ll buff right out.

nhoj - 10/01/13 - 9:37am

What’s the awesome story? Sheesh

BT - 10/01/13 - 10:00am

That bike obviously wasn’t a gravel specific racer

Big Cow - 10/01/13 - 10:44am

That is why there are specific gravel bikes. Truly, because they are tested to MTB test standards and can handle the abuse a road bike cannot

Charles - 10/01/13 - 10:54am

…or you could just use a bike not made out of carbon.

Elk - 10/01/13 - 11:00am

^Strange, but it seems to be an alloy cyclocross bike. Fatigue life can be a surprise if you’re not expecting it. Glad he’s in one piece.

lonefrontranger - 10/01/13 - 11:37am

yea that’s an alloy frame. This is the problem with older alloy frames – WHEN (not if) they fail, they tend to fail catastrophically.

also they’re not repairable. Carbon frames actually are.

Andrew - 10/01/13 - 1:31pm

Agree with the last two guys, it’s just an old alloy bike that has been ridden hard for a long time and finally gave up. I had an alloy bladed fork give up in just the same way not long ago… needless to say the bike was from an era when alloy bladed forks were a thing.

Mike - 10/01/13 - 1:55pm

Used to ride with Alex, if I remember correctly, that frame is titanium, and yes he’s had it awhile.

DaleC - 10/01/13 - 7:41pm

Given the size of the tubes, I would bet on aluminum, not ti.

James - 10/01/13 - 8:17pm

That was an old Redline with the stickers removed. It was several years old, and he bought it used. He borrowed a CX bike from me before he bought the now dead one. There are some better pictures on social media that make it look like a folded bike. I now need to go check every bike of mine he has borrowed from me to ride.

MissedThePoint - 10/02/13 - 3:46am

Dang, how tall is that dude?

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