IB13: Pearl Izumi X-Project Finally Sees the Light, PRO Leader Road Shoe Gets Lighter, Plus New Chamois and Base Layers!

Pearl izumi xproject pro leader interbike (3)

Pearl Izumi had a bunch of new stuff on display at Interbike, but maybe the most exciting was the final release of the long awaited X-project mountain shoes. Ever since we attended the launch of PI’s wonder shoe, we’ve kept mum on final availability. The good news is that our shoes have been great, better news is that the only issue with the shoes that caused the delay has been addressed, and better still the green 1.0s will be available this week! The rest of the colors (2 colors for each model) and models should all be available by the end of the year.

Check out the rest of the goods including Pearl’s impressive new PRO Leader road shoes after the break!

pi x project original DSC01754

The new super neon colors will sit next to the original black with neon highlight colors we saw back at the launch.

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Pearl izumi xproject pro leader interbike (5)

While the X-project is the high end shoe designed for riding as well as hiking, PI has updated the X Alp line as well with the new Enduro 4. At $120 the shoes won’t break the bank, and they feature a unique carbon rubber outsole to provide plenty of grip for your off the bike adventures.

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Pearl has been teasing the new PRO Leader shoes for awhile, but the details are finally here. Wanting to produce one of the lightest, best fitting road shoes around, PI started with a 0.9mm thick, seamless Second Skin upper, which ends up the thinnest on the market. Power Web TPU material keeps the upper from stretching and keeps your feet firmly in place.

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To attach the shoes to your feet, Pearl ditched triple Velcro in favor of one centrally located Boa dial. The dial pulls from both sides for a bi-directional closure for better comfort, plus it gets the dial out of the way in case of a crash. Even with the Boa, PI managed to cut out weight resulting in a 240g shoe.

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Pearl izumi xproject pro leader interbike (12) Pearl izumi xproject pro leader interbike (11)

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On the chamois side of things, Pearl was showing off their new PRO anatomic 1:1 chamois which has been a project 2 years in the making. By dropping high density foam into an articulated foam base, Pearl claims they were able to make a chamois that is both extremely dense and comfortable while staying highly breathable. Pearl was proud to point out that they build all their own chamois rather than simply ordering them from a manufacturer. Anatomic 1:1 chamois will be spec on all 2014 PRO shorts.

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Pearl izumi xproject pro leader interbike (14)

The last bit of product newness is actually a byproduct of their racing tech. PI has used their Speed Sleeve design in their skinsuits for awhile now, and it hit them – why not use this for a cycling specific base layer? All of this design work is put into jerseys only to put a basic t-shirt base layer on underneath that tends to bunch up when in cycling position. The new Speed Sleeve base layer eliminates the bunching and offers next to skin comfort under the sleekest jerseys.

Incorporating their Minerale wicking material, there will be three versions available including sleeveless and long sleeve depending on the weather.



Quickie - 09/30/13 - 10:23am

Get off my lawn you f’ing neon shoes.

volsung - 09/30/13 - 10:49am

i too await the release of adult colors. i grew up in the 80s and have no desire to relive them vicariously through my feet.

Slow Joe Crow - 09/30/13 - 12:43pm

The orange and blue project X shoes will be a perfect match for the equally bright Pearl Izumi M3 running shoes I got from the outlet this summer :)

don - 09/30/13 - 12:58pm

Do the mtbike shoes still have the metal pin which holds the ratchet strap on the in-side? Hopefully not, it puts a nice trough in carbon cranks after the shoes are broken in a bit.


MarkV - 09/30/13 - 1:13pm

Hideous! What era and style are these guys going for? They need some real world hep…soon!

kcr - 09/30/13 - 2:20pm

Those orange ones would look rad paired up with a Santa Cruz Solo….errr 5010…

dwiz - 09/30/13 - 2:29pm

i’ll sure be glad when the time comes that this cycling industry will move away from these ridiculously loud, ion yellow, construction cone orange colors……of all the colors for the industry to settle on and this is the choice……..like totally gag me with a spoon, for sure for sure…..!!!!!!!

Emacdo - 09/30/13 - 3:46pm

Yes, because only sober black or grey will work with the seriousness that I take myself while I ride a bike. Colors are a distraction from the massive epic-ness I feel about myself as I am on a bike.

If it’s too bright, you’re too old.

pornitswhatlwouldratherbmaking - 09/30/13 - 6:32pm

l like the orange quite abit really.Though l would get the black because black is timeless.

Mason - 10/01/13 - 3:25am

Man, there’s a whole lot of grumpy people in here wearing gray. Cool looking shoes.

Brett - 10/02/13 - 1:52pm

@manson Agreed. :)

wunnspeed - 10/09/13 - 2:49pm

I love the colors! I’m soooooo, sooo tired of black, red, white and brown as standard German colors (that’s where I live). Mostly, I’m looking for a shoe for bikepack racing and this might do it.

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