IB13: New Colnago CX-Zero Disc Brake Road Bike Heads to Paris-Roubaix, Plus New Carbon & Alloy Models

2014 Colnago CX Zero disc brake endurance road bike

The new Colnago CX Zero is similar to the old C40 in terms of comfort and performance, but adds modern features like a disc brake option and PFBB86, their first high end frame with a pressfit bottom bracket standard.

EuropeCar will race it at Paris Roubaix, but they’ll likely be on the standard (non-disc brake) version. To help handle those cobbles, they utilized a 27.2 seatpost, thinner seatstays, a taller headtube and a little longer chainstays and wheelbase. Despite the comfort features, it’s a Pro Tour level race bike.

Click through for specs and more pics, plus their all-new Strada SL alloy crit bike and more…

2014 Colnago CX Zero disc brake endurance road bike

Five models complete, ranging from $7,299 Dura-Ace down to $4,599 Ultegra

2014 Colnago CX Zero disc brake endurance road bike

Flatter seatstays and an inside-the-rear-triangle rear brake placement will likely make the disc brake model the better choice for those who don’t care about the UCI (or are just optimistic that their recent changing of the guard will usher in needed rule changes).

2014 Colnago CX Zero disc brake endurance road bike

The downtube retains Colnago’s characteristic shape, which we think blends nicely into the chainstays and overall aesthetic. Matte black may be lighter, but it’s hard to argue with their white paint scheme.

The hydraulic Ultegra Di2 disc brake bike will come in at $6,599, and the Ultegra mechanical version is $4,699. Framesets are $3,099 for rim brakes and $3,199 for discs.

This gives Colnago two high end disc brake road bike options, the first being their C59 introduced with the exclusive Formula hydraulic/Campy EPS system. And speaking of the C59, 2014 models are now mech/elec compatible on the same frame, and can now comfortably fit up to 25c tires.

2014 Colnago AC-R budget carbon road bike

The Colnago AC-R is a new model based on the M10 but with external brake routing and a one piece seatstay and chainstay and thicker, non-waffled tube sets. Mech/elec compatible, and still made with their stainless steel molds and high end construction process. Ride quality is supposedly the same as the M10 but at a much lower price point.

2014 Colnago AC-R budget carbon road bike

Frame weight is claimed around 1200g. Frameset is $2,099 and complete bike is $2,599 with mostly Shimano 105.

2014 Colnago Strada SL alloy racing road bike

Following the trends of high end, lightweight alloy crit racing frames (like the CAAD10 and Allez), the new Colnago Strada SL is a shaped and tuned
hydroformed triple butted 6000-series alloy…but it comes in at entry level prices. It uses their Colnago Headset System with a thicker alloy insert that the bearings press into, which helps prevent ovalization. So, yes, there’s an alloy insert in the alloy frame. None of their frames have any bearings pressed directly into the actual frame material.

2014 Colnago Strada SL alloy racing road bike

They’re saying it has a 1100g to 1200g frame weight. Pricing and options include:

  • Ultegra 11-speed – $2,398
  • 105 – $1,699
  • Frameset – $1,349

They’ll come with a full carbon fork on the frameset and Ultegra, and an alloy steerer on the 105 bike.

2014 Colnago Strada SL alloy racing road bike



ummmm - 09/27/13 - 12:31pm

Colnago with Shimano, just doesn’t seem right. I loved my Colnago’s.

kurti_sc - 09/27/13 - 12:49pm

hmmm… I’ve always thought of Colnago with the higher end, made in Italy stuff. Whether it was steel or carbon, it was something to lust after. These bikes here are really much more normal, bread and butter type bikes. Its like they are going toe to toe with the bigger box brands and I think thier price points show it. Good stuff! I’ve got to change my view from Colnagos always being a dream bike, to maybe being a good choice for an extra bike or two.

wheelz - 09/27/13 - 1:20pm

Colnago’s are definately not just an unatainable super-high end bike for doctor’s and dentists. I have a 2012 CLX 3.0 (full mechanical Ultregra, around $3500 USD new) that I’ve put 13,500 miles on so far and used for everything from crit racing to 300 mile epics. The bike handles so well and is one of the best looking bikes IMHO :-)

Dave - 09/27/13 - 1:59pm

The dream bikes are to die for but tell me what company can survive on just the dream bikes? Pinarello. Merckx, Time all are offering some great price points so more people can ride the bikes and the companies can stay solvent. If you were to look there are probably about 200 road bike companies all trying to get you on their bikes and with the internet it makes it very easy to get whatever you want so manufactures have to compete on the price point bikes as well as the dream bikes.

Will all of that said, Colnago still has it’s own designers and engineers to make what they believe are some of the best bikes in the world.

So do not worry just because the new Strada SL’s are under $2000.00 it does not make your C59 any less special.

Erik - 09/27/13 - 4:24pm

Colnago’s are definitely not what they use to be. I remember a time when if someone rode by on a Colnago it was like seeing a Lamborgini or Ferrari supercar go buy. Now, they are a dime a dozen and you can buy them at places like Sports Basement. They basically look like any other Taiwanese made frame. There’s nothing that separates them from anyone else anymore. So sad. Well at least they still make the Master.

rico - 09/27/13 - 8:55pm

Strada Sl looks sweet. Love seeing more stuff from Colnago.

stanley - 09/28/13 - 5:05am

white rims just look ugly and cheap!

Bruce - 09/28/13 - 7:38am

I have a CLX 3 ultegra in white/Italy colors. I rides like a dream and certainly does not look like any other dime a dozen bike (IMO). It can only be for the better for all of us that Colnago is making their bikes more financially attractive.

TT - 09/28/13 - 12:15pm

Good Lord….!! So many comments, so many mistakes…… I know it’s not an English Grammar Forum but…

Colnago (singular)

Colnagos (plural)

Colnago’s (possessed by Colnago)

Turkey - 09/29/13 - 10:45pm

Go into any Italian home and you’ll encounter a front-room of sorts. A perfect display of decor n furniture that you are not allowed to sit on or use. Same here with this cool white bike. And I really dig this thing. But it’s total usage and/or availability could be a factor.
don’t sit on it, YO!

Pancakes - 09/30/13 - 3:08pm

I guess I’m just not old enough (or maybe too old) to be bothered by Shimano equipped Colnagos. Mapei and Rabobank both did it.

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