IB13: Industry Nine Adds Lightweight, Aero Carbon Road Bike Wheels & Fat Bike Hubs


The relationship with Reynolds that Industry Nine started for their mountain bike wheels now carries over to road, giving them Reynolds latest carbon rims for a complete range of new deep aero and lightweight shallow carbon road bike wheels.

For deep sections, they’re lacing their road Torch hubs to the Reynolds DET Aero 72 and 58 rims that were launched last summer. They’ll be laced 20 spokes in the front, 24 in the rear, up from the 16/20 count used by Reynolds.

I9’s Jacob McGahey says they wanted to maximize stiffness all around, and their hub’s lacing pattern is based on a 2:1 scheme, so going to a lower number would have meant an odd number like 21 that could have caused interface issues. This makes it the option for crit racers and heavier riders since it’ll have increased strength and fatigue life.

For sprinters and climbers, they’ve got the C29 and C41…


The naming convention puts the numbers into words, so the 58mm deep rims are the Five Eights, and the 72 is the Seven Two. Weights are 1600g (58) and 1650g (72). Prices are $2,895 and $2,995 respectively.


The lighter, shallower wheels are based on the brand new Reynolds rims that were just introduced this summer. McGahey didn’t want them named specifically, but it’s pretty easy to figure out which rims are which for the Industry Nine C29 and C41.

The taller C41 uses the SLG (Swirl Lip Generator) external bead to improve aerodynamics. Just as Reynolds will have a disc version coming soon, so will I9, using their gorgeous new Torch disc road hubs.


Weights are 1,265g (29) and 1,410 (41). Look for the disc versions to only add about 50 to 60g! Price is $2,375 for both, and they’ll all be available in January 2014.


Just a glamour shot of their Torch road hubs, because they’re sooooo pretty.


For the completely opposite type of bicycle, they’re making new fat bike hubs. Rear is 170mm and is compatible with all their end caps, so it can go to 12×177 thru axle. They’re looking at the 190mm standard and will build it based on distributor demand. Weight should be around 320g for the rear, front is still in development (which is why it’s not shown). It’ll use the same interchangeable end caps to accommodate whatever standards emerge (and those that currently exist).


Should ship in mid November. Pricing is same as their standard classic hubs at $575/set.


Tony - 09/22/13 - 8:44pm

are the c29 and c41 clinchers or tubulars??

MulletRacer - 09/22/13 - 9:12pm

That purple hub looks like a squid. Cool.

Joey Brown - 09/22/13 - 9:52pm

Reynolds is making Assault clinchers first with tubulars to follow. Not sure I9 will be doing the tubulars or not. One would certainly hope that I9 does a tubular.

Fisho - 09/22/13 - 10:46pm

I just wish i could afford this stuff without selling a kidney.

A. - 09/22/13 - 11:29pm

@Fisho: What makes you think that your kidney is worth $3k?

FastWayne - 09/22/13 - 11:34pm

Me want!! I will find a way some day; )

pornitswhatlwouldratherbmaking - 09/23/13 - 2:53am

Lol, it does look like a squid!

tkncwa - 09/23/13 - 7:32am

$5 says the QC on this run of products is no better than previous attempts.

Lancelot - 09/23/13 - 9:50am

Definitely 190mm! It is the new standard!

rico - 09/23/13 - 1:26pm

I rode some new 404 tubs all summer (except in rain). I’m just about to glue on a new rear Veloflex Arenberg after 3000 miles and zero flats. This is in Massachsetts with the worst tar you can imagine. Screw clinchers!

Ken - 09/23/13 - 2:15pm

I am assuming same 120 POI for the rear freehub?

Engineer - 09/23/13 - 3:00pm


And yes, very squidlike!

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