IB13: Fair Wheel Bikes, Part 3 – Holland Ti-Carbon Di2 Breakaway Road Bike & Rob English’s Streamlined Steel Ride


The last two bicycles in Fair Wheel Bike’s booth were this titanium-and-carbon Holland road bike using Di2 and a Ritchey-style breakaway design and a sleek white road bike from Rob English decked out with prototype eeBrakes.

At first glance, you may just admire the carbon fiber inside titanium tubes that Holland’s known for bringing to the handmade bike shows. What’s impressive about this one is that Fair Wheel’s build puts a foldable travel bike on the scales at less than 14 pounds. That, and their quick disconnect wiring for the Di2 makes the whole process much faster.


Plenty of KCNC and other trick parts bring the weight down, but it’s still running fairly standard Pacenti alloy clinchers and tubes in the Vredestein tires.


The wiring connection is hidden inside the frame at the lower breakaway point.


Once the downtube collar is off, just remove the seatpost and your frame’s in two pieces, ready to go in a smaller suitcase that shouldn’t trigger oversize fees.


13.84lbs (6.28kg) for the complete bike without pedals.


Rob English’s signature style it to keep it understated at first glance, only revealing the details that make his bikes so neat when you get up close. This one’s using steel tubes with a one-piece carbon fiber seat tube/mast.


His stem and steerer are one piece, relying on the fork crown to clamp to the steerer. The design allows for some pretty minimal stack heights.


These are prototype dual pivot eeBrakes.


The rear is tucked under the chainstays.


The non-drive side dropouts on both ends of the bike are smooth and solid. A 5mm thru axle, same as a normal quick release skewer, bolts in from the driveside with an allen key.



Di2 wiring is all hidden internally, from stem to stern. This particular bike wasn’t remarkably light. If you wanna see some of those, check this post and this post.

Big thanks to Jason at FWB for the detailed look at the bikes. Check Part 1 and Part 2 for more sweet builds.


Dantrell Eisenstein - 09/21/13 - 3:40pm

I think you meant “direct mount” instead of “dual pivot” when referring to the new EE Brakes.

Butt - 09/21/13 - 3:48pm

Are those anodized titanium spokes? I-i think I need to go clean up a little bit.

Bas - 09/21/13 - 3:55pm

That dude with the scale looks so excited because he just found out the price, right!? Nice work by Rob, once again! Kudo’s

Bismo Funyuns - 09/21/13 - 3:56pm

Oh thank heavens, Rob English FINALLY did away with that pesky tool-free wheel removal problem that has been plaguing my road bike for years!

DaleC - 09/21/13 - 5:07pm

Titus had those ti-carbon tubes seeral years ago on the Titus Exogrid.

Is there a connection?

Seraph - 09/21/13 - 5:21pm

Not super impressed by the weight on that ti/carbon breakaway bike really. My boss’ Madone 7 is 14.9 lbs with pedals, two bottle cages, and a Quarq power meter.

Granted it doesn’t break apart but still…

pornitswhatlwouldratherbmaking - 09/21/13 - 6:17pm

Who makes those spokes l must know!!!

Kyle - 09/21/13 - 7:11pm

I’m assuming that those are Pillar spokes.

tom - 09/21/13 - 8:45pm

moving the clamp from the stem to the fork crown, the highest stress area on the bike? I can think of better ways to do things…

Hingle McKringleberry - 09/24/13 - 4:55pm

Those saddles make my **** hurt just from looking at them.

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