Famed Trials Rider Martyn Ashton Injured, Starts the long road to recovery

Martyn Ashton, the guy who brought smiles to every one’s faces with his two wheeled antics, has suffered a serious injury while performing at a trails demo earlier this month. He fell backwards off a three meter high bar and the impact damaged his spine, dislocating his T9 and T10 vertebrae.

The initial prognosis is not positive, according to the press release sent by Shift Active Media on his behalf, Martyn has currently lost feeling below the point of injury. The current medical plan is for the trials star to undergo six weeks of complete bed rest. At which point, doctors will know more about the extent of the injuries and he can begin the long road to rehabilitation.

You can follow his progress and share words of encouragement via his twitter account. From everyone here at BikeRumor, we wish Martyn the very best.


MB - 09/12/13 - 6:04pm

That really sucks. I hope he recovers fully.

Dr. Monkeypants - 09/12/13 - 6:20pm

Best wishes on a speedy recovery!

Mindless - 09/12/13 - 6:37pm


Reminds me to wear back protector when jumping..

tim - 09/12/13 - 7:02pm

Praying that he has a speedy and full recovery

fayar - 09/12/13 - 7:07pm

Huge respect for you, Martyn. Get well soon.

Psi Squared - 09/12/13 - 7:13pm

Here’s hoping he makes a great recovery.

Engineer - 09/12/13 - 7:19pm

What crazy skills. Fayar said it well. Respect

fred - 09/12/13 - 8:08pm

Best Wishes of a quick and full recovery!!! poor guy.

hoser - 09/12/13 - 8:14pm

Here’s a guy that has a legitimate need for a dropper post on his road bike. Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery.

Pigeon Mcgoo - 09/12/13 - 8:37pm

Much respect. Get well soon.

Craig - 09/12/13 - 11:48pm

God bless you, Martyn. I’m praying for a full, quick recovery for you.

Myke - 09/13/13 - 2:43am

Awesome guy! I wish him and his family the best!

rico - 09/13/13 - 3:03am

Best wishes for a full recovery. We enjoyed all of your footage on my forum.

NASH - 09/13/13 - 4:06am

They can fix anything these days just takes time, hold in there.

LP - 09/13/13 - 6:03am

Hope you recover fast! Respect!

Runar Omarsson - 09/13/13 - 9:40am

Best wishes of recovery, we all send you positive thoughts!

off-roadie - 09/13/13 - 10:27am

Such amazing skills! I wish him the best and hope for a full recovery!

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