EB13: Tufo Adds 650B Carbon Tubular Wheels, Mountain Bike Tires – Plus Wider Road, Triathlon Tires


Tufo has updated their road, triathlon and mountain bike tires to fit in with modern standards and trends, making the skinny ones wider and offering 650B/27.5″ options for the dirt.

Above, the XC2 Plus and Plus SP, XC6 and XC5 all gain 27.5″ options. Based on existing model weights, we’re estimating the 27.5″ XC2 Plus models should be around 470-480g, and the others in the mid-500’s. To go along with them, there’s a new 27.5″ XC LP wheelset with a carbon tubular rim that comes in around 1,400g. Add in 30g of tape and you could get a wheel/tire system as light as 1,910g…


The XC2 Plus is their general purpose tread, which they say handles everything well except deep mud.


The 27.5″ XC LP wheels use 28 Sapim CX Ray spokes front and rear with DT Swiss 240s CenterLock hubs. They come with QR skewers, nipple truing tool and their own tubeless sealant. Rider weight limit is 92kg (202lbs).

Tufo offers wider 25c size for road and triathlon tubular and clincher bike tires

On the road, several models get wider options:

  • Hi-Composite Carbon gets 700×25 widths – weights are 300g (tubular) and 375g (clincher).
  • S33 Pro gets a 700×24 widths – weights are 310g (tubular) and 385g (clincher).
  • Elite Pulse triathlon tire gets a 700×25 width – weight is 280g (tubular).

2014 Tufo tubular rim cleaner safely removes tape and glue from carbon tubular bicycle wheels

And if you’re looking to upgrade to one of the new treads, they’ve put together a new rim cleaner to help remove all that tape and glue residue.



Haywood - 09/12/13 - 1:58pm

1910g with one or two tires?

brd - 09/12/13 - 3:11pm

30gr of tape???? tubular rims doesn’t need tape

brd - 09/12/13 - 3:12pm


Jon MacKinnon - 09/12/13 - 3:16pm

@brad they need glue though, or… tub tape

ChrisW - 09/12/13 - 3:59pm

The title says “EB14” – wow, you guys are really ahead of the game!

Pancakes - 09/12/13 - 5:00pm

Glue or clinchers. No tape.

Lancelot - 09/12/13 - 5:22pm

Wish they were 29+ and not 29 plus.

Mat - 09/12/13 - 6:11pm

Ever tried tufo tape? Tape is certainly enough to hold any tub on nowadays.

Xris - 09/12/13 - 11:39pm

Live by the tape, die by the tape.

Mindless - 09/13/13 - 12:23am

How you change a tire 20 miles out in the woods?

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