Challenge Triathlon Tubulars Add Double Puncture Protection

challenge triathlon tubular tires with new PPS2 puncture protectionChallenge has added dual layer PPS2 puncture protection to its triathlon tubular tires. The system places a narrower strip of PPS (gray) directly under the tread, above the casing, and a second, broader strip (red) between the casing and the innertube.

They say that, plus the tightly woven 300tpi SuperPoly casing and elasticity of the seamless latex tube, provides all the peace of mind you’ll need to use them for the big race day. The tread is a grippy natural rubber.

They’re available in 700×22 and 700×24 tubulars and a 700×23 Open Tubular (clincher), with weights coming in at 260g, 260g and 215g respectively.


MikeC - 09/12/13 - 9:38am

“Open Tubular” (i.e. clincher) wins for best bike industry doublespeak.

Matt - 09/12/13 - 10:06am

They are completely different tire construction
and materials from a std clincher.
They are an open tubular as the name

Somebody - 09/12/13 - 11:03am

Shouldn’t a “Tri” tubular have a butyl tube? Nothing better than having to pump your tires up in T1!

Rivet - 09/12/13 - 3:17pm

Open tubular is an Oxymoron.

Jake - 09/12/13 - 7:23pm

I agree with Rivet

Jake - 09/12/13 - 9:26pm

I guess I’m out of touch. Do you mount this tire on a clincher rim, a tubeless rim, glue it on a sewup rim, or is there an open tubuler rim out there? For a long time I didn’t know a 29er was a 700c rim.

JimmyZ - 09/13/13 - 12:25am

They should be required to add that (clincher) parenthecized qualifier to every instance of the term “open tubular” so that they learn to choose their words carefully. Simply saying that it’s different from a clincher doesn’t help at all, it just prompts me to infer that y’all are full of it, and are trying too hard to cover up for your own inadequacies.

Nick - 09/13/13 - 11:37am

@matt – Nice job regurgitating the marketing materials. but you can see from the diagram it is a standard bias-ply clincher tire. “Open Tubular” is nothing more than marketing speak to get suckers to think there is something particularly unique about this tire.

A. - 09/14/13 - 12:46am

There is something unique about this tire. It caters to triathletes’ fear of flat.

I can’t tell you how often we set up a Conti Gator Hardshell, a Conti Sprinter, or some other heavy puncture resistant tire on a set of Zipps or Enves. It’s pretty comical.

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