New Colorful Promax Seat Clamp with Integrated Dropper Routing

Promax Seat ClampNew from Promax is a light weight and affordable seatpost clamp. Available in four different colors, this seat clamp features a small adjustable guide to clean up your dropper post routing. For those who don’t have frames or posts with stealth routing, you can pick up this first-of-its-kind seatpost clamp at your LBS for only $19.99 USD.


Via Promax


Chad - 09/11/13 - 4:56pm

Hey Saris, weren’t you at the 2013 Norco media launch? Norco designed a clamp like this a year ago. The Promax is hardly first of its kind….but it sure is pretty in all those colours.

tbrown - 09/11/13 - 5:05pm

Norco has been making clamps with dropper routing since the beginning of 2013. Nice to see the added colours from Promax.

Julien M. - 09/11/13 - 6:04pm

I’m not sure what the Norco clamp looks like, but there’s a chance it’s the one made by Mr Control / Prime Aero in TW
on page 6

Jay - 09/11/13 - 6:21pm

Specialized also made clamps like these and were on all there 2013 bikes with droppers.

Out for a Ride - 09/11/13 - 6:57pm

“For those who don’t have frames or posts with stealth routing” , or body mounted cables such as the KS Lev.

Engineer - 09/11/13 - 7:33pm

Does that mean its 20 without the seatpost routing? That was a sneaky last statement. Anyway Im sure that if specialized and norco make a similar product its probably more expensive.

James - 09/12/13 - 12:04am

Not the first and a bit late to the game. Most new frames are going stealth. I suppose there’s still a market though, for now.

Antipodean_G - 09/12/13 - 5:46am

Julien M, Mr Control rocks! He is such a funny guy and a down right legend. Where the name comes from is a right funny story too!

Texast - 09/12/13 - 7:31am

GT Bicycles used these clamps last year as well.

Great to see these becoming more widely available.

Thanks ProMax!

Texast - 09/12/13 - 7:34am

the cable guide is removable too, allowing you to move it across either slot for universall routing

Promax_USA - 09/12/13 - 12:28pm

Thank you for the interest fellow riders, we are excited to bring this to aftermarket. After great response from our OE customers, we wanted to offer this to riders as an aftermarket solution. Yes, most posts are now internally routed, but there are a significant amount of bikes with external routing still on the trail- we now have a solution available to secure the cable. Just to confirm, retail price is set at $19.99 USD. Looking forward to showing our audience some more bits after this year’s Interbike.

Ilikebmx999 - 09/12/13 - 7:56pm

What is the ETA for this clamp?

Promax_USA - 09/13/13 - 2:19pm

@Ilikebmx999 – The clamp will be ready to ship within 30 days from US Distributors. Your Local Bike Shop can place an order with their distributor right after Interbike. Thank you for your interest.

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