Video: Craig Calfee on his History, Road Bike Suspension, and the Easton Dream Bike Charity Raffle

We just covered the Easton Dream Bike Charity Raffle here, but this video seemed worthy of its own post. You can win this bike, or one of 4 other dream bikes by entering the raffle and supporting great charities at the same time.


Vonspanker - 09/10/13 - 6:46pm

Is it just me or does calfee look like Bob Sagat?

Eyal - 09/10/13 - 9:45pm

Great guy! Aesthetically speaking, these bikes are not my cup of tea.

endurobob - 09/11/13 - 12:22am

He’s an innovator, that’s for sure. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if we see these bushing suspended bikes in the pro peloton in 2-3 years time…specialized and trek already have rudimentary versions with their cobl goblr post and isozone floating seat tube, respectively. Just a matter of time and R&D.

Ajax - 09/11/13 - 3:46am

Great interview. I’ve always lusted after one of those spiderweb carbon bikes.

chasejj - 09/11/13 - 11:49am

Cyclist’s for Cultural Exchange?
Can you get a more lame, myopic and calculated to never offend cause?
With all the horrendous concerns in the US and the world in general and charities involved in nearly every one of these, you couldn’t get something more meaningful and valuable to promote?
Really sort of sad and calculated in an obvious way.

Psi Squared - 09/11/13 - 12:53pm

Yeah, that last thing anyone would want to promote would be cross cultural understanding. I mean there is no racism or anything of that ilk going on. Right.

Talk about myopic…..pot, meet kettle.

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