Video: Good Guy Cop Throws Down – BMX Style

Like every kid who has ridden BMX, I’ve been run out of the skatepark by cops more times than I can count. Why? Well, there is no real reason. Just a long standing misconception that BMX bikes cause more damage to the coping than skateboards. So with that painful history in mind, it’s rad to see a cop blasting some bowls and throwing a few 360s with the kids. We just hope next time he brings a helmet.

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Rohan - 09/07/13 - 4:05am

Ok made my day.

jody - 09/07/13 - 6:17am

Nice. Eleven years ago when the big Louisville skatepark was a few weeks before opening the local bmx crowd threatened a mass sit-in in the bowls at the grand opening media event and the city actually backed off of the no pegs rule they had posted. It’s been fee and clear ever since.

Volsung - 09/07/13 - 6:58am

no one is safe when good cops go rad.

Jeremiah White - 09/07/13 - 8:52am


SIDI - 09/07/13 - 1:03pm

A good cop should be awarded for being an example as a person and as a professional who puts up the other officers.
That cop is tops.

jarod - 09/07/13 - 1:25pm

thats whats up!

Dustin S - 09/07/13 - 11:42pm

Still got the skills!!!

Dave - 09/08/13 - 1:50pm

Is that the new Wyoming MN skate plaza?

Iowa cyclist - 09/08/13 - 8:51pm

And with a full duty belt on, respect!

Engineer - 09/09/13 - 3:08pm

Props, he threw it down.

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