TBT: Buy One Get One Free, Motor Week Reviews Mountain Bikes

For a special edition of Motorweek in 1996, John Davis did a special comparison of five “variable displacement, sweat-cooled, two-cylinder engine” vehicles. Popularly known as mountain bikes, each was available through a different car manufacturer.

Which one would you pick?

Via Jalopnik


wobbem - 09/06/13 - 3:31am

Wow, Mercedes got that one right. Ahead of the times?

Hannes - 09/06/13 - 6:16am

I like how the last sentence sums up everything that people seem to have forgotten nowadays (at least judging by online publications).

Parkcyc - 09/06/13 - 7:33am

Would only go with and have always wanted an AMP B4(the Mercedes version). Still one of the greatest frames and designs. So good specialized bought the rights.

pmurf - 09/06/13 - 12:08pm

I’m digging those 500mm handlebars! I remember when no pair of trees was too tight for a mountain bike to fit through.

Henry - 09/06/13 - 1:38pm

Anyone else having a hard time believing those weights?

Engineer - 09/06/13 - 5:51pm

rapid fire shifter system not unlike a formula 1 race car!? hahahaha

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