EB13: Exposure Equinox Bike Light Makes Brightness & Features Equals

2014 Exposure Equinox bicycle light with remote control and auxiliary backup battery

The new Exposure Equinox takes their compact form factor, waterproof housing and incredible brightness adds some nifty features.

The Equinox pumps out 1200 lumens via three Cree XML LED bulbs, all from its built in 3400 mAh Li-ion battery. Self contained, run times last anywhere from 30 minutes at full blast up to 24 hours, and you can customize the output settings on the fly. Need more than the stock burn time and more brightness? Just attach that external battery pack (sold separately) and you’ve got more juice and output bumps up to a max 2000 Lumens.

That additional output boost is a new feature for them. The other new concept is it’s intelligent two-way wireless communication with their new remote, putting full control and customization -not to mention battery life and mode readouts- at your bar-grabbing fingertips…

2014 Exposure Equinox bicycle light with remote control and auxiliary backup battery

Exposure’s lights integrate thermal management so you won’t damage them if things get too hot. They also build in a bit of a reserve, automatically switching to lower power mode when the battery gets to about 5%, extending the amount of time you can still see to get home.

2014 Exposure Equinox bicycle light with remote control and auxiliary backup battery

The back of the lights have a five-stage battery life indicator, which also shows charging status. To change the settings, refer to the mode guide laser etched onto the body of the light and hold down the button until it indicates it’s ready to cycle through your options.

The remote lets you cycle through the settings and, thanks to the two way communication, shows remaining battery life using a “traffic light” system of green/yellow/red lights. That’s particularly useful when you’re using this as a helmet light.

Curious about Exposure’s performance? Check out our review here.

Retail for the Equinox is £265 ($399) and £299 ($450) with the “support cell” external battery. Available in October 2013, available through Ibex Sports in the US for retailers, or Competitive Cyclist or your local bike shop for consumers.


Informed - 08/26/14 - 12:11pm

Just for clarity, the Exposure Equinoe produces 2000lumens max without the need for the battery pack as it incorrectly states above. The battery pack only extends run times, not light output.

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