Urbanist Gets a Kickstart in the Panties with Vintage Inspired Cycling Chamois

Clearly Christiana Guzman was on to something when she came up with the idea of vintage inspired cycling underwear for women as the project is already over funded on Kickstarter with 21 days to go. The chamois equipped undergarments are designed to be worn under every day clothing, but with the added comfort of a chamois. There are currently two models being offered based on the type of coverage you’re looking for.

Check out the different models after the break.

The bettie

The Bettie is for the ladies that want to feel a little sexier while they ride. The sheer mesh sides, and ruching on the back give these panties a feminine touch. You definitely won’t feel like you are wearing your grandmother’s bike undies (huh? Just go with it). Betties are lower rise in the front and show a little more cheek in the back. They are great for those cute low waisted pants or shorts but there’s still plenty of coverage so you don’t end up with plumbers’ crack. The chamois insert is a thinner, triathlon style pad offering just that extra bit of comfort you need while you bike about the city. Great for shorter, lower impact rides. The brigitte

The Brigitte is for women of all shapes and sizes. They are flattering and comfortable with a chamois insert thick enough to protect your precious lady parts from the pains of those longer urban rides. They are full coverage with a higher, ’50s style rise in the back. They are 100% discreet under any type of skirt, pant, or short you desire to wear. In lieu of elastic is an attractive stretch lace band to avoid muffin top (no thanks, right?). Great for spin class and daily commutes.

$50 gets you a pair of chamois panties of your choice, with quantity discounts available for larger orders. Get more information or order a pair or two for yourself on the Urbanist Kickstarter.


Tulio - 09/05/13 - 2:05pm

Perfect for cyclocross season

Rain - 09/05/13 - 2:08pm

nice firm 10

M.A - 09/05/13 - 2:08pm

^ for men too!

SKip - 09/05/13 - 2:27pm

HELLO!! Nurse!

xcgeek - 09/05/13 - 2:47pm

we need an emphasis on the “do not wear post ride” rule. … *quiver*

RUSTYDOGG - 09/05/13 - 3:05pm

Yes. Yes. Yes.

Tom - 09/05/13 - 3:53pm

Perhaps they should put there panties on their heads as they haven’t hear of helmets.

Yetiman - 09/05/13 - 4:18pm

Love the Bike Porn! :)

Anthony - 09/05/13 - 4:36pm

Can i donate some amount where they will put some fu$king helmets on?

Jeff - 09/05/13 - 4:44pm

“The bad news is you have a concussion…the good news is your crotch isn’t chafed.”

Sorry, I checked out when I realized they were for wearing under stuff, and not by itself…damn missleading intro photo!

nanci djreaux - 09/05/13 - 4:48pm

i got fooled, i really wanted to see more “MODELS”, know what i’m sayin.

Engineer - 09/05/13 - 5:11pm

Im with Jeff, I thought this was outer wear!

Antipodean_G - 09/05/13 - 6:12pm

We must be doing something wrong… their design studio looks so much nicer than ours….

Ryan - 09/05/13 - 6:22pm

If all you were worried about was the lack of helmets I’ve got some bad news for you, potentially your spouses too.

John - 09/05/13 - 6:44pm

And cyclists are seeing these and there’s mass faceplants.

Ray - 09/05/13 - 6:51pm

I didn’t even notic the lack of helmets… Wonder why?

eadm - 09/05/13 - 7:13pm

I don’t think you need to wear a helmet if you promise to ride in slow motion

Xris - 09/05/13 - 7:32pm

If this gets more people into cycling, then absolutely backing this.

Chuck - 09/05/13 - 8:09pm

I will buy some once a G-string model is available

rico - 09/05/13 - 9:18pm

Get over the helmets thing. Or just go to any city in europe like Amsterdam an witness the hundreds of thousands of cyclists (children as well) without helmets getting along just fine.

In the USA the problem is the lack of understanding and acceptance of cycling. It’s also the auto industry and the hard-on for cars this country and it’s paid off government accepts. The US car culture breeds pig-headed retards who put cars above all else. One day I hope to spit on your grave car industry.

Back to topic – these are a great product. Wish them much success.

Brian - 09/06/13 - 1:17am

Rico nailed it. It’s pretty hard to hurt yourself seriously on a bike without the help of a car

gringo - 09/06/13 - 1:55am

[deleted], leave your nanny inspired helmet comments to the church tea group.

this product will sell well, I am 100% sure.

don - 09/06/13 - 8:05am

Hope to see some of these at ice weasels cx race.


Bob - 09/06/13 - 10:02am

Now they need some pumps/high heeled shoes with attachment points for Shimano/Look/Speedplay cleats. I think they would look nice together.

yafro - 09/06/13 - 8:41pm

These have sold well for at least 20 years.


bin judgin - 09/08/13 - 12:54am

well fitting shams that don’t look stupid are genius. who cares about helmets.

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