EB13: Bianchi Adds Two Disc Brake Road Bikes, Updates Oltre, Infinito & Sempre


The Bianchi Infinito CV is a new bike introduced this spring. It was raced at the Paris Rounaix in standard form, but now gets a disc brake version.

Both frame types use Countervail material sandwiched between carbon layers to reduce vibration, which was covered in more detail in this post. The headtube is a bit taller and the wheelbase is a bit longer to make it a real endurance race machine and more of a premium model than the old Infinito.

Their other performance road bikes, the Oltre and Sempre both get updated spec and frame features, with the Oltre also adding a disc brake option…




And just a couple pics of the standard version, too. Because it’s soooo pretty.



The Oltre XR2 disc brake model is all new, and the standard rim brake version receives slight tweaks to the frame.






The disc version starts off with these features, and the standard Oltre XR2 switches to BB386 bottom brackets to gain stiffness.


The fork was redesigned to be a bit lighter and the wings that came off the crown to transition to the frame are moved to the frame itself.


They also made it mechanical and electronic compatible on the same frame. This one uses Campy’s new internal seatpost battery, which threads through the water bottle cage holes and requires nuts to hold the bottle cage.


The Sempre also gets a couple tweaks, becoming mech/electronic compatible with cable entry ports moved to the front of the headtube.



Fragglepussthechaste - 08/31/13 - 7:27pm

Bianchi is one of those companies that comes out with some absolutely beautiful bikes every few years. These are absolutely stunning. Although I’m still a bit partial to traditional canti’s I’m glad to see they went all out on some of their disc brake build kits rather than taking a more cautious approach and limiting it to Ultegra level builds.

mudrock - 08/31/13 - 7:50pm

Is that a new Shimano hydraulic group on the Infinito? Looks like they put the master cylinder in the horn of the levers a la Sram.

Andrew - 08/31/13 - 9:45pm


where else would they put them?

CXisfun - 08/31/13 - 10:25pm

@ Fragglepussthechaste – “Traditional cantis”? These are road bikes.

mudrock - 09/01/13 - 12:40am

Andrew: hoping they would look more like the Formula levers that Colnago is using. Seeing how it’s mated with their Di2 group, there’s room to put the cylinder in the body of the lever. Anyway, I’m up to speed now. Haven’t looked at the Eurobike coverage til tonight.

TT - 09/01/13 - 6:12am

If you look at Campagnolo official website you’ll find a photo depicting 3 internal fixing options and 1 external. And the first and the most obvious question that comes to my very amateur mind is: how to put a Campagnolo internal battery inside a frame?? (is it extremely flexible or what?)

CXisfun - 09/01/13 - 10:45am

@ TT – Remove your seat post.

TT - 09/01/13 - 11:10am

OK CXisfun, but take a closer look at 2 other fixing options. Removing a seatpost is only one solution just for option nr 1. What about top tube and down tube?

Dave - 09/01/13 - 11:29am

So my question is how many of you that comment are going to buy a disc brake road bike this year or wait until you see reviews, results, and feedback on how disc brakes on road bikes handle braking on long descents. Also how often you might have to replace brake pads at $50.00 to $60.00 a set because many recreational cyclists who do not have great descending skills will lay on their brakes every time they hit 20mph.

Jose - 09/01/13 - 12:20pm

$60? On ice tech pads, maybe. But with ice tech and keeping the pads cool they last a long time. Much better than a road brake on a rainy day.

David - 09/01/13 - 1:26pm

@Dave – If all goes well, I’ll have a disc road bike for next spring with Shimano’s hydraulic disc brakes. I go through maybe 1 set of pads a year on my disc-equipped commuter [rain/snow/etc., lots of stops and braking], and I don’t drag my brakes on descents, so I’m not worried about pad life.

srz - 09/01/13 - 7:40pm

when will bianchi make a beautiful bike again…..i waiting to put something next to my ole x4

Topmounter - 09/01/13 - 8:42pm

I have discs on my 29’er and they handle long (paved or otherwise) descents here in Colorado just fine.

Eric NM - 09/01/13 - 10:03pm

please, please please, Bianchi: make your new disc ‘cross bikes look like any of these.

…and celeste green, of course. Then take my money.

sillybike - 09/01/13 - 11:43pm

grreat looking bikes, and yes, please take my $$$$$$$$

sweetbaboo - 09/02/13 - 6:36pm

I like the bikes. Though, they are getting a little close to graphic/tech mark overload. That said, the way the forums lit up on Shimano’s hydraulic levers and torched SRAM’s, I was expecting them to look less SRAM-like. That doesn’t appear to be the case…

Chip Deffe' - 09/04/13 - 10:35am

So, what size tire will that Infinito take? Say a Michelin Jet and this bike just won the lottery!

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