EB13: CeramicSpeed Turns Out Alloy,Titanium XX1 Derailleur Pulleys

CeramicSpeed has just finished up the first samples of their new XX1 derailleur pulleys. The ones shown installed are the aluminum versions. They’ll retail at $249 with their standard ceramic bearing.

In front, the titanium ones come in at $449 and get an additional glass bead blasting to smooth the edges. Want their higher end coated bearings? Those will set you back $529.

So what’s the point? Smoother rolling with less friction and much better durability, especially in nasty conditions. They say the titanium ones will last a lifetime. Weight savings isn’t the driving factor. They come in at 17g each on our scale, same for both materials, which they say is about as heavy as the plastic ones that come stock.

Detail shots below…

The machining process for the titanium wheels takes an hour to get from the starting point on the left to the third stage. Then it’s bead blasted before the bearings are installed.


Tim - 08/29/13 - 3:45am

If I were obscenely rich, I still wouldn’t buy these. Probably these are for obscenely rich people who don’t know about cycling, but want to have the “best” of every part on their bikes. These are as much a symptom of our GINI index as they are a bike part.

the_contrarian - 08/29/13 - 3:49am


Argh - 08/29/13 - 4:48am

SRAM has pair of ceramic pulleys upgrade for 50eur

Naton - 08/29/13 - 6:20am

Haha. I would buy these just to shut people up about their fully awesome KCNC pulleys. Also because titanium.

Ti - 08/29/13 - 6:24am

Maybe we see it wrong. If you put it around your finger you can use is as a, somewhat oversized, wedding ring. $529 for a wedding ring is not that bad. Unfortunately you won’t be using the bearing.

Guus - 08/29/13 - 7:14am

Hell yeah, let’s buy Jockey wheels which will cost twice the amount of the complete derailleur… what a joke it is, I think it won’t take long before Token or KCNC produces XX1 type jockey wheels, probably for around USD 40,- per ceramic one again… I’ll wait for those….

If they are going to sell 5 sets around the world I would be amazed…

Matt Holland - 08/29/13 - 8:12am

Sorry that is taking the piss! $529? The machining time on them won’t be great at all compared to other products, and not a complicated shape to machine at all! I reckon including material, you could mill one of them for <$50

Dyno-mite! - 08/29/13 - 9:17am

I don’t see the usefulness of a wide/narrow jockey wheel. The chain isn’t falling off there.

Jak0zilla - 08/29/13 - 10:28am

Sweet!! I’d budgeted $1000 for derailleur pulleys on my next build, so I’ll still have money left over for bar tape!

pmurf - 08/29/13 - 10:40am

@Jak0zilla be careful what you wish for….next BR post: “Ceramispeed’s titanium bar tape takes 1500 hours to mill, and is meant to last a lifetime. According to the company, it’s for riders not concerned with weight or grip so as much as all-out durability. Pricing is $2,150 for each side of the handlebars, and no word yet on weight or installation….”

SmooveP - 08/29/13 - 11:16am

This makes me embarrassed to ride a geared bike. Hey SS guys, can I come hang out with you until this goes away?

ant1 - 08/29/13 - 11:37am

@Jak0zilla there’s also an upper pulley to upgrade. only chumps ride with unmatched pulleys.

Dr. Monkeypants - 08/29/13 - 12:42pm

@Matt Holland – If you think these can be made for that little, I’d love to have you bid some parts for me! Wow, the stuff I could have you make me with your incredibly efficient machine shop that pays mid-1990s prices for materials!

Yeah, these pulleys are a really stupid concept (not to mention completely unnecessary), but titanium isn’t an easy or inexpensive material to work with.

Ripnshread - 08/29/13 - 12:47pm

Anyone else notice that the SRAM XX1 der is changed?

jose espinoz - 08/29/13 - 12:52pm

wait! what? $500+ the cost of this pulley? I know that titanium is hard to work, I know that titanium is expensive, but with that money I can have a spare set of rear XX1 DERAILLEUR!!!!!or an extra wheelset for my 29er or something else, or donate 2 basic mtb bikes to some boys.

fashion parts are so mainstream that sometimes we lost the basic sense of life.

Velo - 08/29/13 - 2:43pm

Thumbs down for title of the article.

Once again…
The titanium used in bikes are titanium ALLOYS.
The aluminum used in bikes are aluminum ALLOYS.
The steel used in bikes are iron ALLOYS.

If you want to refer to aluminum alloys as aluminum, fine. But please don’t refer to aluminum alloys as “alloy.” Every metal on the bike is “alloy.”

ccolagio - 08/29/13 - 2:51pm

combine this ultimate! pulley with a set of ultimate! SRAM X0 hubs and you’ve got yourself the ultimate! waste of money for your SRAM XX1 equipped bike!

Andre - 08/29/13 - 7:32pm

Gents, you don’t know what you are talking about! I have a set of these and they are brilliant. I got on my bike and immediately felt the difference in rolling resistance and if you can’t, you’re a newb.. Shaved a full second of my PB on my local 80 mile loop.

bikeboi - 08/29/13 - 9:07pm

An outrage

Awesome Possum - 08/29/13 - 9:21pm

I have these and they work so good. My chain feels so great. My bike feels so much better. It is 100% worth the money. Heck i would pay more if they wanted to charge me. If the price was over $1000.00 per pulley it would still be a deal. I really don’t understand the backlash everyone is having. How much do your derailleur pulleys cost?

Gabe - 08/29/13 - 11:20pm

And I thought the KCNC ti pulleys were pricey… So these pulleys last a lifetime but my derailleurs don’t? I am ALL about stupid fancy cutting edge bling but this is a tough sale even for me.

Xris - 08/29/13 - 11:42pm

[deleted] That is utterly ridiculous. I can buy freaking carbon/ceramic pulleys for a fraction of that.

enduro - 09/03/13 - 6:52am

these are enduro right ?

enduro pulleys, enduro derailure on a enduro bike right ?

everything is now called enduro now right ?

enduro parks, enduro trails. next up there will be a enduro city with enduro mountains.

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