SRAM Introduces X0 Hubs, Freehub Runs Double Time


As one of the last voids in the X0 component line up, SRAM has finally introduce an X0 level hub. Designed from the ground up to compliment the rest of the X0 line up, the new hub set offers traditional j-bend spoke wheel building but with plenty of modern technologies to keep you rolling. Available in XD or 10 speed freehub bodies, the X0 hubs are worth a look if you’re planning to build a wheelset in the near future.


X0 hubs will be offered in both 28 and 32 hole drillings, each with what SRAM is terming SEEKER 3D forged, angled flanges for a straighter shot from the flange to the rim. No need to bend the spoke head to profile the flange means less chance of spoke breakage.

tech_X0_hub_sideswap copy

Front and rear hubs include SRAM’s Sideswipe symmetrical end caps to adapt to nearly every axle standard except DH. Since the caps are symmetrical, there is no need to remember which side is which. The aluminum hub shells will be offered in sand blasted black with red accents, or glossy black with silver accents and weigh in at 130g for the front and 250g for the rear.

DoubleTime_Hub_position2_grey SRAM_MTB_XD_DriverBody_md

Termed DOUBLE TIME, the X0 hubs feature a 4 pawl ratchet mechanism for 52 points of engagement on the 26 tooth ratchet ring. That means there is 6.9° of engagement with full size pawls and teeth for long term durability. The hubs roll on SRAM’s Speedball sealed bearings.

X0 hubs will be available in December and will retail for $197.00 for the front and $364.00 for the rear.


Ham-planet - 08/28/13 - 5:41pm

Only two pawls engaging at a time? No thanks.

Dyno-mite! - 08/28/13 - 5:42pm

…or perhaps the end caps are symmetric?

MMyers - 08/28/13 - 5:53pm

What’s a “DH axle standard”?

MMyers - 08/28/13 - 5:55pm

Speedball bearings?


Dougal - 08/28/13 - 6:12pm

@Ham-Planet; 2 pawls is far from enough. One time my Eleiriers broke and it was unsatisfactory. Sram is bad at things.

ccolagio - 08/28/13 - 6:42pm

lol @ their hub prices. who do you think you are? chris king?

sweetbaboo - 08/28/13 - 7:02pm

It’s OK to be scared of what you don’t understand.

jose espinoz - 08/28/13 - 7:08pm

x THAT price I will go for a CKing hub set that will last xever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
no SRAM you are doing wrong this time

Joshua Murdock - 08/28/13 - 7:09pm

Hmmm… if this “works” like any of Sram’s other products…

Mechanics around the world are sobbing.

fanboy - 08/28/13 - 7:20pm

looks nice.

maybe SRAM has taken a page from the Crank Brothers book of engineering?

step 1 – “design” it to look nice.

step 2 – come up with some awesome packaging

step 3 – sell it for way more than it could ever possibly be worth

step 4 – release a new model 6 months later when it fails.

mongo - 08/28/13 - 8:28pm

Maybe…but then XX1 (and Red 22 for that matter) works pretty much flawlessly, so I doubt it.

JAAAAAY - 08/28/13 - 8:58pm

Crank brothers has a book of engineering?

They should learn to read then.

Had a SRAM X.4 shifter and the gear indicator broke, SRAM are poop.
I never know what gear I’m in anymore :(

Listen to Dj fuckstopper

MMyers - 08/28/13 - 9:06pm

Rockshox are pretty good too.

greg - 08/28/13 - 10:37pm

angled flanges, angled drillings are nothing new. please, less time on catchy terms for stuff that’s been around, more time on making something worthwhile.
price is ridiculous.
XX1 is far from flawless. more than one person i know is done with it already, going back to XTR double. XX1 is okay for terrain where youre climbing for a long time, you get to the top, you dump a bunch of gears, you head down. around here, it’s deep-woods type, youre constantly back n forth across a few gears, it’s just not that smooth or fast of a shift…

Bob - 08/29/13 - 12:24am

To expensive, just like the new SRAM wheels. Otherwise I’d be keen.

MissedThePoint - 08/29/13 - 4:02am

SRAM’s got quite the marketing team… I especially like how they give marketing names to everything.

Tad Dickman - 08/29/13 - 9:28am

Duh… JAAAAAY – you are basing your experience with SRAM on X4 shifters???? That’s laughable… because all things are equal right? SRAM comes out with XX1 and it’s huge and everyone wants it… but they don’t know what they are doing… right?

dwerba - 08/29/13 - 12:56pm

greg are you kidding me!xx1 is the fasteset smoothest shifting ive ever flawlessly.

Michael - 08/29/13 - 1:39pm

Price is right where it should be considering the weight, just under the cost of DT240 hubs and weigh a few grams less. If ‘street’ price winds up being closer to American Classic than Chris King these would be a good weight weenie option.

Durability is yet to be seen, of course.

JAAAAAY - 08/29/13 - 5:09pm

Holy ship Tad Dickman you’re right, XX1 is huge we looked on my friends iphone 4 in our lunch break at Walmart the cassette was so huge couldn’t see it on the whole screen without zooming out!
But the rest of the group set didn’t look that huge, The chain ring was only a one gear, and a 32t
at that. Must be for creepers. My Sunrace crank set has 3 rings I can go wicked fast down the street.

Dan - 08/29/13 - 7:39pm

Looks like a winner to me. those prices are MSRP and will sell for less in reality. If the weight is whatthey say it is and the durability is there then these are going to be hard to beat. also remember that Sram is one of the biggest part suppliers in the world (for cycling that is) so getting parts should be fairly easy to get which is a huge plus. I could be interested for a set of race wheels.

jj - 08/31/13 - 11:11am

At eurobike they felt like 240s and the presentation case showed a dt ratchet. So these are great hubs.

gareth - 08/31/13 - 5:13pm

@ all complaining about only 2 pawl engagement, mavic 2 paul only hadley 6 pawls only 1 engages at any time hence high engagement no.s. most hub manufacturers are 2 pawl a limited no. are 3 pawl if you want more pawl contact get dt swiss if you want xx1 capability or chris king if not but 2 points is normal.

pricing is a bit high but weight is ridiculously low if bearings are reliable and axle is ti not alloy (sram carbon wheels 2012 came out with often braking alloy axle later replaced with ti) a worthy consideration but based on the fact i hate xx1 (lazy fat mans 1×10) i will stick with my chris kings

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