Meet the Illegal Duo, Open’s Latest Super Light and Super Limited 29ers

open Illegal duo ORA and LOLA

Want light? Open’s latest super limited offerings are sure to deliver on that. Dubbed the Illegal Duo, the pair of bikes get their name from a diabolical plan to build them light enough to be under the 6.8kg UCI Limit. For Road bikes.

Two models will be offered, the fully rigid ORA and the Lauf Leaf Spring fork equipped LOLA. There will only be 10 ORAs built with numbers yet to be released on the LOLA. See how you build a sub 15 lb mountain bike after the break.

open Illegal duo ORA and LOLA 4

As a rigid bike, the fork duties for the ORA are handled by a custom Green Machine Whiskey No. 9 Disc carbon fork with a QR15 axle. open Illegal duo ORA and LOLA 3


Open claims their O-1.0 frame is still the lightest production 29er hardtail frame with a sub-900g weight for a large frame. That makes the O-1.0 a great starting point for trying to build a sub 15lb mountain bike.

open Illegal duo ORA and LOLA 1 open Illegal duo ORA and LOLA 5

While the bike was built with SRAM XX1 for the build weights, the ORA will be sold as a fuselage only and only 10 of them at that. That means the drivetrain is not included and wheels are optional. The THM Clavicula M3 crank with XX1 spider and BB is included though.

open Illegal duo ORA and LOLA 2

A host of color matched AX lightness parts are included in the build including the optional new AX Lightness LRS tubeless wheels which feature wider rims and Tune hubs.

Included with the ORA fuselage for the large sum of $6700 (excl VAT):

  • OPEN O-1.0 green machine frame
  • Whisky 9 Disc 15mm fork
  • AX Lightness Hera 31.8 handlebar
  • AX-Lightness Rigid 31.8 Stem
  • AX-Lightness Europa Seatpost
  • AX-Lightness Leaf saddle
  • THM Clavicula M3 crank with XX1 spider and BB

If you choose to run the AX Lightness LRS wheels and SRAM XX1, you should end up with a 6.4kg (14.1lb) Large rigid 29er without pedals. Yikes.

Not a fan of rigids? Open is also working on a prototype called the LOLA which will feature Lauf’s Leaf Spring fork. With a weight of just 980g, the addition of the 60mm travel suspension fork will only bump up the weight to 6.6kg ( 14.6 lbs). LOLA is still in the works, but both bikes are said to be on display at Eurobike at the AX Lightness booth, A2-207.


Mat - 08/26/13 - 5:04pm

two Utah, gimme two.

nathan - 08/26/13 - 5:30pm

Tri geeks on a trail. Terrifying. Glad there’s only 10 of them.

Mindless - 08/26/13 - 6:30pm

Nice paint job and a smattering of fragile euro-weenie part do not a good bike make.

Andrew - 08/26/13 - 6:57pm

The lightest cyclocross bike the world has ever seen!

pornitswhatlwouldratherbmaking - 08/26/13 - 7:28pm

That fork @_@…! lts too expensive for me so l guess l wont need to worry about it

Steve M - 08/26/13 - 7:33pm

When you start calling a frame and fork a ‘fuselage’ you are a full fledged marketing hack/tool/dick. Pick two.

Jonny - 08/26/13 - 7:43pm

You can say what you want about the LOLA, but that’s the kind of bike you can ride while drinking champagne that tastes like cherry cola

Pete - 08/26/13 - 7:46pm

Jonny for the win.

Nick - 08/26/13 - 8:52pm

If I think any longer about what it would be like riding this strand of carbon fiber it will crack right there in the photos

eric - 08/26/13 - 8:58pm

what’s the point in listing a weight without pedals? Last I tried, I couldn’t ride a bike without pedals.

Ck - 08/26/13 - 10:19pm

eric never grew up with a Strider

yep - 08/26/13 - 11:14pm

what a bunch of [deleted]. good looking bike, I’ve seen plenty of lightweight bikes get the sh*t rode out of them without breaking, and some heavier built, full sussers crack. I just don’t get all the hate.

greg - 08/27/13 - 12:36am

you must be new. welcome!

professed - 08/27/13 - 1:44am

we try and avoid the pinkbike and bike rumour comments sections…
but its too hard.

its like watching trailer trash live US TV shows.
full of irresistible commentary !

fortunately Open is Europe based where the public are more rational and respectful.
I’ll just go fetch my gun now…

nsp234 - 08/27/13 - 3:49am

@ professed:
can you tell me which european forums you’re reading? To me, many of them seem way more hateful than this one. Maybe it’s just tthe “outside view”?

BTW: we’ve got the classic “why do you weigh it without pedals” rant popping up at each weighht declaration too :)

sliderman - 08/27/13 - 4:34am

Ax lightness bars: porn.

To look at , not to ride with! It went from handlebar to clip-on motorcycle style in a matter of minutes.

I now use it to poke the BBQ, the heat dispersion on the thing is top notch.

Yoshi - 08/27/13 - 8:06am

Whiskey fork? That’s the best they could come up with…

Wario - 08/27/13 - 9:29am

@Yoshi. Have you actually ridden one? That fork is F’in awesome.
Though they should have found a ultralight 300-400 gram fork somewhere.

satisFACTORYrider - 08/27/13 - 9:30am

@professed- so “we” can’t avoid rubbernecking? Interesting. Professed what? Snob?

Not That Jim - 08/27/13 - 10:16am

That most of us will never purchase an Open is not relevant. And it doesn’t matter that it is likely to be prohibitively expensive. This and similar bikes often drive the innovations that benefit all of us eventually.

RacerX - 08/27/13 - 10:57am

I’d ride that.

Topmounter - 08/27/13 - 11:54am


Murphy - 08/27/13 - 12:09pm

Still no single speed option? THAT would make me supremely jealous.

Yoshi - 08/27/13 - 12:36pm

@Murphy – I agree, they would have the ultimate light bike setup also.

john smith - 08/27/13 - 10:33pm

All owners reference post first ride.

Matt - 08/30/13 - 7:14pm

Love the green. Gotta hit the lottery first, but love the concepts nonetheless!

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