X-Fusion 34mm 29er Trace Fork Weights

X-Fusion Trance 34mm 29er Fork Weights

Trace 29 34mm Models (uncut steerers)

  • Top Left- Trace RL2 Uni-Crown 80-100mm w/ GSA 3.99 lbs
  • Top Right- Trace RL2 Uni-Crown 120-140mm w/GSA 4.1 lbs
  • Bottom Left- Trace RL2 standard crown 80-140mm 4.21 lbs
  • Bottom Right- Trace RL2 DLA 140-110mm standard crown 4.36 lbs

Via The X-Fusion Instragram Feed


burt - 08/23/13 - 5:55pm

uh, ok.

Ray - 08/23/13 - 9:16pm

I wonder if its as much of a POS as my Hilo dropper? 4 months old and just got its second rebuild. Not good!

Nick - 08/24/13 - 12:11am

Are these things ever going to be released?

Mindless - 08/24/13 - 2:23am

Too heavy.

Vincent - 08/24/13 - 5:17am

What is this lbs outdated unit ?
You have a worldwide audience. Please give us Kg.

Marcassin - 08/24/13 - 6:03am


The world speak English and use METRIC SYSTEM but the americans. Give them both I don’t care but please use the international standard like :).

Cheers :)

matt - 08/24/13 - 7:34am

What do GSA and DLA stand for? I hate acronymization of everything in cycling – maybe if it were consistent.

Schott - 08/24/13 - 8:22am

It would have taken you less time to convert it than to write your post. I’m American, no need to convert, and plenty of time to post, suckah.

Keith - 08/24/13 - 8:50am

There must be something wrong with me. Every time I see the weight of a bike or a bike part in kilograms or grams I just plug them in a converter and see the resultant lbs or oz’s. Seems simpler than complaining about the unit of measure chosen for the article, Hmmmm.

1tec1 - 08/24/13 - 9:50am

Keith +1, we’re totally loosing it man. “but the americans”. Lol, @Vincent&Marcassin!

edge - 08/24/13 - 9:53am

complaints about Mass units (weight is incorrect) seem to reflect a lack of understanding of unit conversion calculators.
3.99lb = 1.809kg= 1809g=63.84oz=0.124012991 slug=0.001995tons-.285 stone

Andy - 08/24/13 - 11:32am

Weight is about the same as for the Formula Thirty5, then. But presumably much cheaper (and more expensive than the Slide?). 80-100mm not on the X Fusion website yet…

Seraph - 08/24/13 - 1:00pm

@Andy while the Formula 35 may be a slightly nicer fork (lots of tech in those things) it is exponentially more expensive than any single crown X-Fusion fork.

Nick - 08/24/13 - 1:00pm

Serious question… Don’t shoot me for asking. What’s a “good” weight for a 29er fork with 80-100mm of travel?

Andy - 08/24/13 - 1:28pm

@Seraph I think the point I was aiming for is that the X Fusion forks aren’t *that* heavy. I suspect there’s a fair degree of diminishing returns where high-end forks are concerned.

moove - 08/24/13 - 4:56pm

@Vincent, I couldn’t agree more!!
Please consider the fact that people all over the globe is reading this and almost ALL of us are using metric standard except americans.

Boris - 08/24/13 - 6:05pm

+1 Vincent

Jones - 08/25/13 - 1:43am

I hope X Fusion brings out an XC 100mm fork with the Uni Crown in the 1600 gram range soon.

Gabe - 08/25/13 - 5:13am

Please consider that BikeRumor did not take the images and that it is a simple conversion any middle schooler should be able to do in their heads. Use an easy number like Xlbs/2.2 or Xkg/450. Yes, those numbers are not precise so you will be off a few grams but it will give you a realistic idea of what you’re looking at. Metric makes more sense to me but you don’t hear me whining…

Ham-planet - 08/25/13 - 1:06pm

If you prefer to use arbitrary archaic units, that’s your business. You should be thankful that the rest of us use SI units, making it easy for you to convert to the arcane measures of your choosing.

Keith - 08/25/13 - 1:45pm

And I won’t run anything but a LEFTY, SO YOU CAN HATE ON THAT TOO;-) GOD BLESS AMERICA!

Mindless - 08/25/13 - 2:04pm

There is nothing arcane about British units. Convenient and easy to use.

Why everybody felt compelled to follow French, I do not know. Base 12 measurement systems are more practical. (like degrees, minutes etc.)

brd - 08/25/13 - 3:15pm

i thought i was on PB for a moment :/

Psi Squared - 08/25/13 - 4:01pm

I’d like to see the justification for “base 12” measurements being more convenient than “base 10” measurement systems. Of course the measurement system that mindless promotes isn’t base 12 at all, but that shouldn’t prevent people from making such mindless and ridiculous claims.

Such mindless claims aside, it’s pretty simple to convert between units. The website Online Conversion can convert virtually any unit you can think of.

Mindless - 08/26/13 - 1:03am

@Psi Squared: base 12 divisible by 2, 3, 4, and 6. Apparently too hard for you to grasp.

Tim - 08/26/13 - 5:40am

Any thoughts on the fork, anyone?

Psi Squared - 08/26/13 - 7:40am

Coincidentally divisible by 2,3,4,6…….coincidence does not a base make, neither does being divisible by those numbers. Someone needs to look up what “base” means. Is there anything more pathetic than some mindless commenter who doesn’t know where English units come from (hint: not “base” 12).

16 oz. Whoaaa! That doesn’t look like base 12!

Greg C. - 08/26/13 - 10:44am

I just mounted my new Trace 140mm Unicrown up this weekend. I’m nursing an injured wrist but am hoping to put it through its paces soon.
Its a nice fork! (BTW, I’m replacing a 120mm Slide that was mostly bomb-proof, just started weeping some oil in the last month.)

Those 34mm stanchions are stout, makes you feel like you can crush anything.

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