Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Learnin’ Early

2013 06 29 noelle bike work 2

Photo submitted by William Wright, “Here’s a shot of my 5 month old daughter helping me build my wife’s new bike.”

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Nash - 08/21/13 - 7:30am

The child should also be wearing safety glasses conforming to BS-EN 166. Also safety shoes should be supplied- bare feet in a work area?

Anthony Guglielmo - 08/21/13 - 9:47am

Cute pic, please tell me they were on the way to removing the pie plate behind the cassette.

Tinsloth - 08/21/13 - 10:52am

oh my gosh that’s a great pic. a little 3-way allen wrench styled pacifier would be adorable! Kickstarter, here I come!

pmurf - 08/21/13 - 10:55am

+1 on the pie plate. You have to instill these habits early, or they’ll become freds. Just to be safe, you may want to start reciting Velominati’s “The Rules” to her before bedtime. Friggin’ adorable picture.

Sean - 08/21/13 - 2:22pm

Props to your wife for rocking the straight block.

NotAMachinist - 08/21/13 - 2:50pm


YES!! I don’t have kids and I want one. I don’t even like those three way tools, and I STILL want one.

cody lee - 08/21/13 - 3:05pm

I love dad wearing safety glasses but the baby has none, good work Dad am sure Mom will be impressed

Saris - 08/21/13 - 3:54pm


I think those “safety glasses” are just prescription lenses.

William Wright - 08/21/13 - 9:23pm

Pie Plate is gone, and those are my regular glasses! Mom’s bike is all rebuilt and ready to go.

Jimbrowski - 08/22/13 - 9:46am

Favorite Pic of the Day. Being a father myself I wish I had my little ones in the shop with me as they grew up.

MissedThePoint - 08/24/13 - 5:47am

Smell all that rubber, citrus degreaser, oil, and metal.

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