Dainese Debuts Soft Body Armor, Gloves w/ Formula One Tech


Dainese has borrowed F1 technology to better protect your hands and torso from those aggressive fadeaways and near vertical rock gardens.

The new Rhylite Jacket is a full upper body protection piece with each pad as a separate piece for better flexibility. The pads are made of ProShape, a foam they say is used in Formula One seats that hardens on impact but is very soft, flexible and comfortable otherwise. The padding covers the full back, collar bones, chest and ribs. Removable sleeves that have shoulder pads.


The Rhylite Jacket will retail for $299.


New Rock Solid G gloves get hollow hexagonal pads made of ProShape.


They say it offers the same protection as their hard shell Berm gloves but is much more comfortable and flexible. And cooler. $39 in a variety of colors. Not shown, the Rock Solid C is same but without protection for $29.


The new Hybrid Neck Brace is 100% carbon fiber with replaceable pads that come in two different heights (included) to customize the fit.


The pads rest on the chest and back muscles rather than the collar bone and spine, so impacts are spread better and less likely to break something (on you). It’s designed to fit with any brand back protection.


Weight is claimed at less than 200g, and it can be removed with a front opening without having to take off your helmet. Retail is $449.


The other new jacket is the Manis Safety Jacket, which combines the benefits of soft and hard armor. It has hard pads on the elbows, shoulders and chest.


The back panel is a segmented hard plastic that expands to pivot and flex with you. Underneath is a firm foam to absorb impact. Both are perforated for breath ability.  It’s $299.

The Manis Gilet (vest) keeps the back protection but loses the rest for a sleeveless base layer addition. $199.


Sardiniar Rider - 08/18/13 - 2:58pm

It’s “Dainese” anyway.

Nicolas Hagner - 08/18/13 - 3:00pm

Dainese, not dianese…

Tyler Benedict - 08/18/13 - 3:38pm

NH – Fixed, thanks!

Johnny b - 08/18/13 - 3:49pm

that’s not F1 technology! it’s from MotoGP!!!

Matt Holland - 08/18/13 - 4:24pm

Great to see them back in the game!!

Ventruck - 08/18/13 - 7:04pm

I have their Fast Gait Evo jersey which has shoulder pad fittings supposedly of an F1-derived polymer. Wierdest thing ever for road cycling but I liked the jersey a lot. Dainese has always had quite the aesthetic flair although safety is their priority.

Psi Squared - 08/19/13 - 7:25am

Johnny b, you better send a note of to Dainese, then, because even they say the tech was developed in F1.

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