Zoic Adds New Shorts, Dresses, Colorways and more as Part of Their “Style Revival”


Zoic is continuing its commitment to simple, casually designed bike clothing in 2014 with additions and updates to its already extensive line. Namely, they’re adding four new shorts (Ether Stretch, Ether Stretch LT, Transfer, and women’s specific Juju) and two new dresses (Sol and Vinaka). More on the other side of the wormhole.


Starting with the ladies, Zoic’s new Juju shorts are a new gravity short with a 14″ inseam and wide enough leg openings for pads. The Juju will be available in three different plaids and two solids.

Zoic_Soldress Zoic_Vinakadress Zoic_HeritageTee_TransferShorts

The Vinaka (left) and Sol (middle) add even more casual comfort to Zoic’s Urban line, joined by the tights, tees, skirts, and knickers you’ve come to expect from Zoic. Guys aren’t left out in this category either as they get the new Transfer short (right), new tech tees, and a snap front woven shirt called the District.

Zoic_EtherShorts_techjersey Zoic_EtherStretchLT

Taking off on their most popular short, the Ether, Zoic is adding a lightweight 4-way stretch fabric version: the Ether Stretch. The Ether Stretch (left) is available in five colorways as part of their Core line, or in a 15-inch inseam LT version (right) as part of their gravity line.


And last but not least, the new Revelry shorts, pictured here with Zoic’s Fade Tech tee, will be added to the men’s gravity line.


Mindless - 08/17/13 - 4:58pm

Damn hipsters.

Cymacyma - 08/17/13 - 5:03pm

So, This new wearable give us one truth : Personal appearances completes riding stlye

i'm so hard(tail) - 08/17/13 - 5:13pm

So when do us guys get jerseys without ridiculous styling on them?

Myke - 08/18/13 - 2:35am

For the last 10 + years cycling kits have had awful styling. I have always wanted something was very simple but well made. Has that time come?

rider - 08/18/13 - 6:08am

COLORWAYS is not a word.

Chris - 08/18/13 - 7:54am

Yeah, it’s COLOURWAYS.

uglyyeti - 08/18/13 - 11:00am

The Juju shorts look a lot like last season’s Puma Ombre golf shorts fabric…


bored - 08/19/13 - 4:02am

design is minimalist, it just looks ridiculous

Mike - 08/19/13 - 12:36pm

I ride because it’s fun and it’s good for me. I’ve been riding my bike since I was 5. As a kid I saved up all my money all the time for bike sh!t. My first job out of college was as a mechanic because I had been self taught since the age of self-conginsance. And not until I was an ‘adult’ did I realize I had to look like a tour de freak if I wanted to be accepted on the road by other peeps. I don’t race, I don’t compete, I’m 24 and I like to see the world on my bike and most of the time, do it pretty quickly. I refuse to kit myself out, or wear bike shorts with depends in them. The best stuff I’ve found is at rivebike.com or ibex. I’ve done more than a hundo mi at a time in shorts without padding and shirts that don’t make me look like i’m dressing up as a super hero for halloween.

Dave Sprecher - 08/19/13 - 3:29pm

How exactly is a “colorway” different from a color?

Gillis - 08/19/13 - 3:51pm

Colorways is the plural of colorway – it is a word.

To the others: Wear what you like, like what you wear, and get on with it.

Myke - 08/19/13 - 7:06pm

Mike, your 24. I assume your not thinking about kids right now. Padding in shorts is more of a medical feature then comfort. Comfort is a good side effect. but the padding in shorts is really there to help protect soft tissue

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