Spy Shot! New Easton Haven, Havoc 650B Mountain Bike Wheels

2014 Easton Haven 650B wheels prototype spyshot

New Easton Haven and Havoc mountain bike wheels were just spotted in the wild, with another model called XR possibly coming as an OEM option.

These appear to be simply mid-sized additions to the current lineup, borrowing their butted Sapim spokes, 21/26mm rim widths (internal/external) and hubs. The Haven’s are getting spec on the 2014 Devinci Troy, and the Havoc was spotted on a team bike. Click through for more pics…

2014 Easton Haven 650B wheels prototype spyshot

Easton’s Haven and Havoc are tubeless ready out of the box, no need for rim tape.

2014 Easton Haven 650B wheels prototype spyshot

2014 Easton Havoc DH 650B wheels prototype spyshot

Steve Smith won the Fox Air DH at Crankworx aboard the Havoc 650B wheels.

2014 Easton Havoc DH 650B wheels prototype spyshot

We’re guessing full details will be unveiled at Eurobike.


Trevor - 08/15/13 - 1:57am

They are not that much of a secrete been on the dealer site for over a month now, same price available in October.

Mindless - 08/15/13 - 2:00am

Those CNCed cuts on hubshell look pointless.

Aaron - 08/15/13 - 3:15am

So when are we going to get proper 30mm wide alloy MTB tubeless rims? If wider is better…. then really wide is really better.

Bryan H. - 08/15/13 - 8:20am

@ Mindless, I was thinking the same thing. And if those cuts can be made without compromising the hub’s strength, the hub shell is likely overweight.

Laurens - 08/15/13 - 11:57am

Syntace is doing those. Stan’s FlowEX is not a 30mm wide, but a 25mm (inside).
The price tag of Syntace is steep, tough.
But when road bike rims are getting wider, it’s about time mountain bike rims do so as well.

Tim A - 08/15/13 - 1:10pm

@Aaron, Wider is better…sometimes. If you have a lot of sharp rocks in your area, you’ll cut a lot more tires and do a lot more scrubbing damage to most tires. Anything that stretches the sidewall beyond the outermost tread blocks is a no-no for me- replacing tires gets expensive.

Bog - 08/15/13 - 1:19pm

@Tim A, it sounds like you’re running tires that are too narrow for your rims. Matching tire width to rim width is critical.

Seraph - 08/15/13 - 2:42pm

Pretty sure that the 650b Havens have been able to be seen on 2014 Marin bikes for a while now.

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