Prototype: Carbon Renthal Fatbar *Updated*

Renthal Carbon Proto Fatbar

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Neil Donoghue, a former world cup pro, now runs an awesome coaching and works with companies like Renthal developing components. While we’re not sure exactly what he’s helping test at the moment, we did spy a set of carbon bars on his beautiful Santa Cruz Bronson enduro race bike.

According to his build spec, he’s sporting a 740mm wide Fatbar lite Carbon proto mated to a 40mm Duo Proto Stem. We love the idea of an all black Renthal handlebar, rather than the companies signature gold. No word on future availability, but we’re reaching out to Renthal for more details.

You can view Neil’s coaching clinic schedule here

*UPDATED* with better pictures after the break.

Renthal Fatbar Carbon Proto Close up

Neil Donaghue Proto Renthal Fatbar Lite Carbon

Prototype Renthal Duo 40mm Stem


Proto Renthal Duo 40mm Stem

Thanks to Neal for the photo tip!


Seth - 08/14/13 - 7:15pm

ummmmm pictures????????

Ray - 08/14/13 - 11:16pm

renthal = motorcycle… the same motorcycle that is a major problem for mountain bike single track junkies like me. NEVER!!

Max - 08/14/13 - 11:56pm

Ray, do you feel the same way about cars?

Dave - 08/15/13 - 1:42am

yawn. no pics, no care.

satisFACTORYrider - 08/15/13 - 2:17am

40mm duo? Want.

Neal - 08/15/13 - 2:43am

Here’s a close up of the bar

40mm Duo stem, the production stem is 50mm

d. - 08/15/13 - 6:52am

Love the looks of the carbon bar.
Now I hope they will make it available too for the 780mm bars. And wide-narrow chain rings.

Rohan - 08/20/13 - 6:48pm

Made in the UK?

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