Contour Closes Doors, Turns out Employees

Contour Closes DoorsEarlier this week GeekWire broke the news that Contour, maker of a popular wearable camera, had shutdown it’s Seattle office. A former employee posted on his Facebook page “No one really knows what happened. We were just told we are no longer are employed by Contour and the doors were locked on Friday.””

The company is considered the biggest competitor to GoPro and reported earnings of 27.3 million as of 2011. Currently, their website lists all products as of out stock and several links are dead.

Details are sparse but rumors are circulating that the rapidly expanding company may have overextended it’s credit. Due to it’s recent market success we wouldn’t be surprised to see an injection of cash from new investors in the next few months and a major restructuring.


Doug B - 08/07/13 - 3:31pm

Yikes, liked their design much more than GoPro’s

Topmounter - 08/07/13 - 3:36pm

Maybe they can reorg as a Kickstarter Project.

Bike Wrench - 08/07/13 - 3:38pm

I prefer many features of the Contour over Gopro. Fingers crossed for a speedy return.

JOEP - 08/07/13 - 4:35pm

Overextended seems likely. Wow, these things always scare the crap out of you when you get to work and the doors are locked, and you try for about 2 minutes with no success, and then call the front desk only to hear a recording tell you the company is closed, then you go down to buffalo wild wings still in denial and gorge yourself on mango habanero hot wings until you work up the courage to tell your wife and kids the family is going back to live with grandma and granpa…….yup that always sucks.

satisFACTORYrider - 08/07/13 - 6:09pm

damn, JOEP. truth is a motherf..

dan - 08/07/13 - 6:33pm

I always hate it when companies do this to their employees. Its Bad for everyone involved, even if Contour recovers do you think these employees that they just screwed over are going to come back and work for them again??? really sad to see I always liked their product and considered it better than the competition.

Rain - 08/07/13 - 7:00pm

“No one really knows what happened. We were just told we are no longer are employed by Contour and the doors were locked on Friday.”

What sorta chicken crap humanity would pull this on people?

How many of you will buy this product after so called “restructuring”

Padrote - 08/07/13 - 7:26pm

“turns out” indeed

Rico - 08/07/13 - 7:29pm

Call the helpline that RaceFace used.

Topmounter - 08/07/13 - 8:49pm

If a company runs out of money, then it runs out of money. They can’t just print more.

At least they haven’t (apparently) bounced a bunch of paychecks and waited to tell the employees after the fact that those checks would never be good and they have been working for free for the last month. It COULD be worse.

Le Piou - 08/07/13 - 9:30pm

Their design is great but performance never hold against GoPro.
Hard to compete as #2 when your hardware can’t make you #1…

isaidso - 08/07/13 - 11:09pm

For the love of [insert deity here], I wish you guys would learn how to spell “its”.
It’s = it is.
Its = it possesses
“It’s” getting embarrassing.

cheese - 08/08/13 - 12:51am

Saris is a blogger, isaidso, not a journalist. Spelling is apparently not a job requirement in the blogosphere.

TT - 08/08/13 - 1:05am

isaidso is right. Guys, we’ve been through this several times so far! I agree, it’s getting embarassing.

funkyB - 08/08/13 - 3:03am

@isaidso, where does ’tis fit in?

Mindless - 08/08/13 - 3:06am

Capitalism is a biatch. Marketing rules the world.

Wasaaaaaabi - 08/08/13 - 1:16pm

Shame, I was working on a new product for them, they were always better than GoPro. Shame their PR wasn’t great.

Ham-planet - 08/08/13 - 3:30pm

Regional contraction of ‘it is’.

Tes - 08/08/13 - 5:34pm

Shame to see anyone in this fun, evolving field exit, but I was done with my Contour after the first wet ride when the switch and internals got impossibly foggy and gritty. Plus, the shape of the unit always made my preferred mounting options a huge challenge. Yeah, that’s what she said.

Engineer - 08/08/13 - 10:07pm


Right on with the marketing. Thats all GoPro had going for them and look where they are now, almost seems like on top of the world.

Marcel Irnie - 08/13/13 - 4:40pm

I love my Drift GHOST HD. GoPro lost its way.


David Wilson - 11/11/13 - 6:20am

Anyone know where I can download software to change the settings for my Contour HD 1080p?

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