More from IFHT: I Only Ride Park

From the crew who brought you I’m faster than you, and other humorous videos, comes their latest creation I Only Ride Park. Thanks to IFHT for their latest creative genius.


ccolagio - 07/25/13 - 5:03pm

hes def gotten way better at rhyming/rapping! i laughed at this one. good stuff

dhbomber - 07/25/13 - 5:15pm

hahaha! The funny part is there must be THOUSANDS like him at whistler alone!

Pete - 07/25/13 - 7:05pm

“Thirty laps a day, My hands are locked this way” Amazing.

Seraph - 07/25/13 - 8:25pm

I wish I could save 20 grams with carbon spacers.

Dyno-mite! - 07/25/13 - 9:33pm

There needs to be a genre label to encompass rudimentary, comical rhymes yelled forcefully; so that I can better avoid videos like this one.

Mr.Sloth - 07/31/13 - 3:15pm

@Dyno-mite Check your sarcasm meter buddy

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