Intense Announces The Carbine 29: a VPP Suspended Carbon Fiber AM/Enduro Machine

Intense Cycles is adding to their aggressive carbon Carbine line-up with the Carbine 29.  The Carbine 29 has 5 or 5.5 inch adjustable rear travel intended to be mated to a 160mm travel, tapered head tube fork yielding a slack 67° head angle.  You can read all the specs over at Intense, but a few things of note: The Carbine 29 is set up for internal cable routing, direct mount front derailleurs, ISCG 05 chain guides, and has an angular contact bearing system with replaceable grease fittings.  Available in 3 sizes, the medium frame weighs in at 5.8 lbs.  The Carbine 29 will be fitted with a Fox Float Kashima CTD rear shock and will be available as a complete bike or frame.  No word on pricing or availability yet.


Lee - 07/24/13 - 11:32am

Why list the frame travel as 5.5 ” and designed to use with a 160mm travel fork?

Not important but…….

Bob - 07/24/13 - 11:43am

I agree with Lee, pick some standards and stick with them.

Ted - 07/24/13 - 11:46am

Is the rear end going to be a lip d!ck wet noodle like the 6.6 was?

Rick - 07/24/13 - 12:01pm

Awesome bike !! Does anyone know the location where this was filmed ?

@Bob: What does “standard” mean these days anyways ? BB92, BB30,GXP,PF30,X12,142, Postmount, IS,26,275,29 ??…;-)

@Ted: That´s a carbon frame so no doubt it will be plenty stiff !

Tandumb - 07/24/13 - 12:13pm

Is it just me or do these videos always seem to be better commercials for front forks than the bikes they’re on…

Popasquapa - 07/24/13 - 12:33pm

haha suspension technology is beautiful. I just got on a remedy, i love to listen to it work.

no aluminum spider on the brake rotors on this genre in this price? Are aluminum rotors mostly hype?

Ted - 07/24/13 - 12:42pm

Rick…I have news for you…Al is far stiffer than carbon

Tiger - 07/24/13 - 12:55pm

niner? pass. the mid-life crisis rigid/SS nemba crowd can keep them.

@Ted: Not even close. Aluminum is a noodle compared to carbon. Get back on your silly fatbike.

BT - 07/24/13 - 12:59pm

The video looks like it was shot at Mammoth early into their biking season.

Danno - 07/24/13 - 1:02pm

BT – you called it. Opening pano is of the Minarets.

AlanM - 07/24/13 - 2:09pm

Just a quick note on the argument about which is stiffer, carbon or aluminum. It all depends on how the material is used. Either one can be engineered in way to have some flex or to be incredibly stiff. That is all. Carry on.

Brad - 07/24/13 - 5:47pm

@Rick Looks a lot like Mammoth Mountain, CA to me.

Pete - 07/24/13 - 7:17pm

It’s the paint jobs with Intense. I can’t get on board with the paint jobs. The Spider29 looks like some kind of midlife crisis.

ryan - 07/24/13 - 11:21pm

Nice work Intense! Give the buying public choices, and you have given us many good ones. Keep up the good work!

Diesel - 07/24/13 - 11:44pm

No XL for us tall guys?


Alex - 07/25/13 - 10:50am

Tall guys have typically not been welcomed by Intense. Go visit the nice folks at Specialized. They want you to have nice bikes.

Woof - 07/25/13 - 11:09am

It’s just sad that Intense can’t seem to manufacture an XL frame. I rode a large carbon Carbine at Outerbike and it was a great bike but just too small. If they would have had an XL I would have bought a Frameset on the spot.

jamal - 07/25/13 - 9:45pm

It looks like a coaster bike. That front ring with that much bob. Sad! I want to see a climb over 5 ft.

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