Mavic x Time Pedal Collaboration Spotted in the Wild


Way, way, way, waaaaaay back in February, Mavic and Time announced they’d be collaborating on pedals, and now they’re seeing some final testing with sales reps.

We spotted these trailside with word that Mavic was hoping for an early August launch, but it might be a bit later than that. We’ll update as we get more info, but there’s plenty to tell from the pics. While Time’s logo isn’t present, the ATAC moniker is, along with Mavic’s Crossmax SL branding and SSC logo. The latter stands for Special Service Course and refers to their top level parts and design philosophy, so we’re likely looking at the premium pedal offering here. The body is a composite, and looks virtually identical to the current Time ATAC pedal save for minor cosmetic changes to the indents on the surface. That could mean it’s carbon and uses their titanium spindle.


The tension adjustments are on the sides, one for each spring.


For Mavic, bringing out a pedal in this manner helps them get back in the game quickly. It’ll be interesting to see what differences, if any, there are when final specs are announced. And even more interesting to see where it all leads in the future.


Also saw this as yet unseen hydration pack sporting around. There were some nice, roomy looking side zip pockets on the waist belt, and looks like perhaps a rain cover zipper on the bottom.


Meshkat - 07/24/13 - 1:28am

Looks pretty good. It seems to have a little more clearance at the front spring but I have never had any issues with mud clearing on any of the 10 pairs of ATACs I have owned so not a big change. Does this mean Time is going to stop making their own pedals?

Horiyantomy - 07/24/13 - 1:38am

So..My future enduro trip will be filled with Mavic stuff.

Sardinian Rider - 07/24/13 - 4:37am

Do not buy french.

Vincent - 07/24/13 - 6:12am

This look very promising.
After having tested nearly every brand on the markquet, i think Time system is among the best if not the best !

Jdog - 07/24/13 - 6:46am

Sweet. Just like their road pedals than they made for 2 years and stopped.

drinkslinger - 07/24/13 - 7:20am

+1 JDog

I was really disappointed in their road pedal offerings. I bought 2 pairs of the road pedals and after 2 commutes was wondering why I couldn’t clip in or out. I looked at the spring and pivot mechanism and noticed they were rusting. TWO rainy commutes and my pedals were rusting. Never had that happen with my Shimano 105 SPD-SLs or Crank Bros. Eggbeaters.
I’ll never buy another pedal from Mavic.
PS Anyone wanna buy a pair of Mavic Sprints with NIB cleats? $50…..

Mike - 07/24/13 - 8:23am

Used the ATACs for 10 years – a fantastic design IMO with buttery smooth float and impossible to clog with with mud. The major caveat is that the composite body literally wears down with use so then you are left with a sloppy point of contact. Fix this please, Time.

MMyers - 07/24/13 - 8:36am

@Sardinian Rider

Is that some kinda of Freedom Fries comment?

bin judgin - 07/24/13 - 10:30am

time atac is the best pedal

Psi Squared - 07/24/13 - 10:40am

I, too, am interested in Sardinian Rider’s expert insights into the French.

satisFACTORYrider - 07/24/13 - 10:50am

un troll

Sardinia Rider - 07/24/13 - 12:02pm

@ Psi and MMyers. I’m italian,italians can’t stand frenchies,frenchies can’ts stand italians. Easy :-)

Kinchaos - 07/24/13 - 4:38pm

try look. the pedals are the best you can see.

troupe - 07/25/13 - 12:41am

they look really thick. maybe its just the way the photo is taken. i’ll stick with my crankbrothers eggbeaters. hydration pack looks nice. clean and simple.

nouseforaname - 07/25/13 - 11:44am

@sardinia rider….and that’s why the EU is so successful and such a unified, organized, dominant and effective force for good.

JB - 08/23/13 - 4:44pm

Love my Times, don’t really see much in the way of Mavic’s influence there at all. Looks like the same nylon/carbon injection molded body they always have (minus a couple cosmetic tweaks). I see what Mavic gets out of it, but what does time get? They’ve lost some ground with the eggbeaters getting so popular, but Mavic doesn’t have a much stronger name than they do.

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