No Fatbikes Allowed? Not anymore: Kuat Expands Its Dirtbag Line to Include Fatbikes

KuatDirtbagFatBike (640x427) (2)



Kuat‘s Dirtbag line is a series of simple fork mounts, a bolt to anything DIY style solution for bike transport (see our previous report here).  Obviously these types of mounts work well in truck beds — I’ve seen them bolted to rails like in the picture, homemade lumber racks, even drilled into the bedrails themselves — but I’ve also seen them adapted to factory SUV racks, roof rack systems, etc.  Now Kuat is offering a 9mm QR version of the Dirtbag for fat bikes.  At $19 the Dirtbag 9 Fat Bike costs about the same as getting a mullet and won’t leave you socially ostracized in the office on Monday morning.


wunnspeed - 07/23/13 - 2:01pm

Even though I still don’t have a Fat Bike… this is pretty cool. As a former Missourian, I’m really looking forward to the day that Kuat expands to Europe. I’m not a big fan of any of the Euro-style racks but the Kuats are really, really nice. Again guys… happy to be a prototype tester.

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