Video: Curtis Keene Shows Us What Enduro Is all About

Still not sure what all the enduro hype is about?  Think it’s just a knock off for riders who don’t have the skills to do true gravity?  Don’t think 29ers can bomb?  Specialized/Red Bull gravity rider and top ten finisher in the recent Les 2 Alps enduro Curtis Keene shreds it here, then sets the record straight after the break.


Okay, this one seems a more like a staged Specialized commercial, but it’s worth the two minutes.


Jim S - 07/18/13 - 5:48pm


Jorge - 07/18/13 - 6:10pm

Nope…Not worth my 3 minutes on the 2nd movie… TOO MUCH business talk and too little pedaling.

29 vs 27.5 vs 26
Ride what you want, suits you and stfu already!

Mindless - 07/19/13 - 2:50am

I doubt he can ride like that when on a trail for the first time without a pre-ride.. like on Enduro competitions.. Can he?

Bebop - 07/19/13 - 6:15am

Ye ye, Don’t think 29ers can bomb? Don’t think 26ers can bomb as well???

+1 with Jorge!

Sardinian Rider - 07/19/13 - 4:36pm

“uuuuuhhh,ooooohhh,yeeeeaaaah,rock on,bomb it duuuude,shred the heck out of it”.
This is what a 16 years old kid would say when watching this board room planned/multiple takes taken video.

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