Kona Goes Big for 2014, with 25 new Models


Kona has been very busy for 2014. Not only are there 25 new models across the line, but their Enduro line sees a major suspension overhaul with 6 new Process and Process DL bikes. Whether you consider yourself a mountain, road, cross, or casual rider Kona probably has something for you in the coming year!

Check out the highlights including the new fatbike after the break!


One of the biggest changes would have to be the new Process line up which replaces the previous process, along with the Abra Cadabra, and Cadabra. Equipped with their new Rocker independent suspension design, the compact linkage with a lower center of gravity provides stable pedaling while still allowing things to really open up on the descents. Broken up into three different models, the Process and Process DLs will be offered in 27.5″ wheels with the 134/140mm travel Process 134 DL (top, $3,599), and 153/160mm in the Process 153 DL (above, $4,999).


The third model is the Process 111 DL ($5,599), which packages 29″ wheels into a 111/120mm travel platform. All three models will be offered in both Process, and higher spec Process DL trims. Developed specifically for trail and Enduro riding, the new geometry uses a longer top tube with shorter stems and slack 68 degree head angle for a longer front center. The BB is kept low, and the suspension rides high in the travel for stability at high speeds even in technical terrain.

Processes are all built from 6061 alloy frames with 142×12 rear axles and sold in S-XL frames that are all dropper post equipped. Combined with a smart spec for all around trail and enduro-ing the Process line looks really good for 2014.

supreme_operator operator

In addition to the new carbon Supreme Operator we checked out at Sea Otter which will retail for $6,999, there will also be a more privateer friendly version called the Operator for $3,999 (right). Both bikes use the same UD monocoque front triangle with 6061 aluminum rear end for a super light, fast DH bike.


Entry level bikes get a boost as well with the new Precept which is the evolution of the Tanuki. Sitting below the Process line, the Precept DL allows riders on a budget to still get the most from their ride with modern features like dropper post routing, direct mount front derailleur, and full cartridge bearings all for $1,899 with the lower spec Precept at $1,599.


In addition to a few other new or revised hardtails, the Cinder Cone gets an update to a 27.5″ Scandium Race Light 6069 frame. The Cinder Cone joins the Steel Explosif and alloy Blast for the 27.5″ hardtails.


Wo. A fatbike that is uniquely Kona. Built with a 6061 butted alloy frame, the Wo features a 170mm rear axle, 100mm BB, and 31.6 dropper post compatible seat tube with a low standover. Wo will retail for $1,699 and will be sold in 15, 17, 19, and 21″ frames.


Also covered at Sea Otter, the Super Jake and Major Jake are set to brink Kona into the world of disc only cross. Super Jake above will feature a full Sram Red 22 Hydro HRD set up for $5,999.


While the Major Jake will use the same carbon fiber frame as the Super Jake with an Ultegra drivetrain and Stan’s Iron Cross tubeless wheels for $3,599.


Along with some other updates to the road bike line, there is the new Alloy Zone, an aluminum model of the carbon Zone endurance bikes. Built from 6069 aluminum, the frame is not quite the light and stiff frame the scandium versions are, but it is very affordable and still has great ride characteristics. Equipped with a 105 drivetrain with an FSA crank, the Alloy Zone runs $1,499.


Finally, the new alloy Coco Mixte brings style and performance to the commuting segment for $699.



Ck - 07/09/13 - 6:12pm

That fatbike frame is funky looking. Definitely intrigued about the Process 134 though. Looking forward to more detailed specs.

James - 07/09/13 - 6:24pm

The fatbike looks an awful lot like a Jones SpaceFrame.

MGK - 07/09/13 - 6:38pm

Funny. SpaceFrame-ish looking for sure.

Brattercakes - 07/09/13 - 6:40pm

Bravo Kona! Bravo!

jorge - 07/09/13 - 7:30pm

Kona has really upped their game this past couple of years!
They look NOTHING like the Kona bikes we used to see before, and thats a good thing IMO.
Not trying to flame the brand or anything. Nice move Kona!

shiggy - 07/09/13 - 8:12pm

The Wo frame looks a bit like the one I designed

Izzy - 07/09/13 - 8:43pm

One Process 134 DL please =)
Lovin’ the Wo! 😉

Seraph - 07/09/13 - 8:53pm

Where’s the new Cowan DS/Bass?

don - 07/09/13 - 9:04pm

Good stuff, was hoping to see the major jake with a 1×11 wide-narrow-wide/clutch drivetrain though.


Zach Overholt - 07/09/13 - 9:24pm

@Seraph, the only DJ/Slope bike they have listed for 2014 is the Downside (now frame only). It could be that they’re waiting to reveal anything else at a later date, but we haven’t heard anything.

bikemsla - 07/10/13 - 12:04am

The Wo look’s a lot like a shorter version of their cargo bike frame concepts, the Ute and Minute. A lot more Shimano spec’ed bikes, good move!

Izzy - 07/10/13 - 1:05am

forgot to say… more 650B hardtails are good! 😉

RoDe - 07/10/13 - 4:39am

Maybe I need to see these bikes in real life because right now I find them to be really ugly.

Vincent - 07/10/13 - 6:06am

Any news on the SATORI ?

Vassilis K. - 07/10/13 - 6:19am

Very nice bikes, i don;t like the Process 111 DL .

Joey - 07/10/13 - 8:12am

What!?! No updated Dew or Dew+?!?

bFatman - 07/10/13 - 10:29am

Fatbike is so f….g ugly…!

off-roadie - 07/10/13 - 11:06am

I like the Wo. Although, I want a fatbike so badly that they pretty much all look awesome.

feg - 07/10/13 - 2:32pm

Hey what’s the deal with the current mt bike trend to have long tt and stubby stems? Looks goofy to me and seems to drastically limit reach options. What if you need/want a shorter stem? Too bad you have to go the next frame size down?

efukt - 07/10/13 - 2:46pm

@shiggy, What are you going to do with all that money when you win that lawsuit from Kona?

Alex - 07/11/13 - 10:20am

I guess they found a way to work around their infringement of Knolly’s 4×4 linkage patent.

Scott - 07/11/13 - 7:47pm

Infringement of a knolly patent? Now there’s a fun fabricated comment!

Ham-planet - 07/12/13 - 8:25pm

Count the pivots on a Knolly and a Kona. Compare the two values and report back with your findings.

Axa - 07/13/13 - 4:01pm

The frame-design of the Wo looks… sturdy.. Wondering who will be first to build fatbikes using Scandium in a weight saving design?

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