Schwalbe’s New Race Tire is the ONE

Schwalbe's New Race Tire is the ONE

When a tire is important enough to warrant its own factory that is dedicated to producing only that one tire, you could assume that tire is pretty special. In order to produce the One, Schwalbe set up a new factory in Indonesia and brought in their best workers as Senior Product Manager Markus Hachmeyer points out, “It is a completely new unit where only Schwalbe One tires are being produced, with fixed vulcanization and production units that are used exclusively for this tire. This is where the most skilled workers in the entire Schwalbe plant can be found.”

Schwalbe claims the One is both the fastest and at the same time most reliable racing tire they have produced. Learn more after the break.


Schwalbe One

To appease both professional racers and weekend warriors alike, the One will be available in clincher, tubeless, and tubular versions. All three versions of the tire will have Schwalbe’s new OneStar triple compound rubber which was developed specifically for lower rolling resistance. Schwalbe claims the new compound is only possible through the use of new polymers that have only recently been available which offered better trade offs between rolling resistance, wet grip, and durability.

The One is still very light at 205g, though apples to apples it is slightly heavier than the Ultremo ZX which will still be available. The benefit to the One is that it is faster and more durable than the Ultremo ZX. Designed with a new profile and beefed up shoulder, combined with V-guard and a new tread pattern the One promises to be extremely puncture resistant.

Offered in the three versions, sizing will be 23, 25, and 28mm for the clincher and tubeless tires, while the tubular will be sold in 22, 24, 26, and 28mm sizes.

Schwalbe's New Race Tire is the ONE

Designed with pro racers like Jens Voigt in mind, the One was found under teams like RadioShack Leopard Trek, AG2R and FDJ at the start of the tour.

“I am very satisfied with the performance of the Schwalbe tires. I never experienced such wet adhesion, such great cornering with traditional, hand-sewn tubed tires in the past. And I’m thrilled with Schwalbe’s persistence and the way the company is putting its heart and soul into constantly improving these racing tires!” – that quote is much better if you imagine it in Jens’ voice.

Pricing for the One is set at 49.90 euros ($64.19) for the folding tire, 64.90 euros ($83.51) for tubeless, and 84.90 euros ($109.25) for the tubular (US prices are an approximation).



Matt - 07/08/13 - 12:40pm

great to see another option for tubeless tires at 25mm and 28mm

CW - 07/08/13 - 12:40pm

haha, $64USD is a far stretch from what that tire will cost, based on the ultremo ZX price.

Dave - 07/08/13 - 12:43pm

Awesome, now will they just get it to market in less than two years? The Ultremo ZX Tubeless seemed like it took forever after they announced it. Would love to try out the 25 tubeless when it’s available.

Honeybear - 07/08/13 - 12:53pm

WTF is Jens doing to that poor tire (tyre), and where’s the photo of Jens riding away on the One after he’s done shanking it?

AlanM - 07/08/13 - 1:04pm

Senior Produce Manager Markus Hachmeyer? Now that one made me laugh.

MattS - 07/08/13 - 1:08pm

Still waiting for the tubeless Ultremo ZX, but I applaud Schwalbe for offering this tire in the formats and sizes riders want. I can’t wait to ride the 25s and 28s.

NCal - 07/08/13 - 1:41pm

The Ultremo Tubeless is available. I’ve been on them for ~2 months. Very nice.

off-roadie - 07/08/13 - 1:47pm

I’ll take two in 25mm tubeless, please!

Chris - 07/08/13 - 1:49pm

Availability? It did take a year or so for the Ultremos to make an appearance (tubeless).

Andy - 07/08/13 - 4:16pm

*Another* new Schwalbe factory in Indonesia?

Sounds a bit like bollocks to me.

Psi Squared - 07/08/13 - 11:48pm

If a new factory solve QC problems, I’m all for it. I rather doubt anyone commenting has any info to say otherwise.

ranggapanji - 07/09/13 - 6:58am

it’s interesting how as though I lived in Indonesia, the variety of Schwalbe tires available is limited.
I remember how seven or eight years ago we can still found factory-reject Schwalbe tires for wee fraction of their prices. I even found a pair of spiked snow tires! the defects were mainly cosmetic issues (false size marking or label printing errors). I used a pair of falsely marked 32mm CX Pro for a couple seasons (the actual width was 29mm), they’re spot on. the quality control gets better ever since, now those defected tires are no longer available.

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