Wahoo Adds New, Better Mounts for RFLKT Cycling Computer


I reviewed Wahoo Fitness’ RFLKT cycling computer a while back, noting that the mounts were one of the weak points. Immediately after posting the review, the out-front style mount broke, too, when I leaned over the handlebars to check the QR skewer. It wasn’t much pressure on it, and it snapped far easier than any mount should have.

Speaking to the folks at Wahoo, they acknowledged the mounts could be better and hinted something was in the works. That was Sea Otter time, and now we’ve got the first pieces from the new designs. Their out-front mount gets reinforced where it counts, and there’s also a new mount that’ll clip into any official or 3rd Garmin-compatible mount, which we’re guessing will be the preferred option. I’m running it on the new K-Edge pro mount (shown above) and it’s a definite improvement.

Click through for detail pics, weights and more…


Three mounts are now available (or shipping soon). From left to right: Stem mount, Garmin mount and out-front mount.


The big change is reinforcements at the clamp for the out-front mount. The new one is shown at top, notice the extended ridges wrapping around the base to the clamp. The original, shown broken on the bottom, had ridges that ended before reaching the clamp section, leaving just a thin, flat platform to support the computer and anything else that might accidentally press on it.


Garmin mount (5g), out-front (18g, with rubber insert for smaller diameter bars) and stem mount (11g).


Chris M - 07/03/13 - 7:42pm

@Tyler, How do you like the RFLKT on the new K Edge Pro Mount? Does it bother you that you can adjust the unit to move it closer to the bars?

I’m wanting to use this mount when I get my RFLKT, just not sure where to mount it just yet…

Tyler (Editor) - 07/04/13 - 12:29pm

Chris – the K-Edge mount is rock solid, and the Wahoo adapter clicks in securely. I already had it on my bike, so tested that first. I haven’t tried the new out-front mount from Wahoo yet, but it will sit off center from the stem. The K-Edge centers it.

Chris M - 07/15/13 - 10:43pm

Thanks Tyler, I bought the new K-Edge for my RFFLKT because of this review =D

Paul - 08/20/13 - 1:00am

Hey Tyler, thanks for putting this post together. I reviewed the RFLKT and noted some issues with mount stability, but not quite breakage: http://www.averagecyclist.com/2013/08/review-wahoo-fitness-rflkt-iphone.html

Since the new mount you showed has the Garmin-style system, would it be compatible with SRAM QuickView as well? http://www.sram.com/sram/road/products/quickview-computer-mount. I know that has been a popular, but affordable mount option for many. If so, great option.

PaulB - 09/20/13 - 6:48am

Tyler I have held off on a RFLKT because of the old mounts. The Garmin mount looks a perfect option for me. We are a few months on from your review but i can find no mention of the Garmin mount, do you know if this is now shipping? I really appreciated you original review and this follow up.

Joop Veen - 08/23/14 - 8:24am

Thanks Tyler, when I read your review, I emailed the people of Wahoo because I did not have the Garmin mount. I was an early RFLKT buyer. They were kind enough to send a mount to the Netherlands and after recieving I coud order the K Edge. It is a perfect combination !

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