Paper Boy Stacks up as the Next Creative Bike Video

PDW is right. This will probably be the best thing you will see all day. Parachute Parachute takes you on a 2D bicycle ride in a 3D world in Paper boy.  It’s really cool to see creative videos like this and An Unlikely Ride mixed in with the standard fare.


Harry - 07/03/13 - 7:33pm

If he was on a paper mountain bike he could have ridden up that stuff instead of portaging!

Great video though.

Daniel - 07/03/13 - 9:00pm

Yeah, go Chris!

Star - 07/03/13 - 10:33pm

Very well done! That could easily be the opener for a new bike line debut! I thought it was the preview of a bike printed out of crazy paper on a 3D printer!

Fritz - 07/04/13 - 6:20am


Ryan - 07/10/13 - 10:30pm

The music/song selection reference did not go unnoticed. Well done.

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