Found: BSG’s Sustainably Custom French Made WOOD.b Ash Plywood Bicycles


One need not be a Francophile to appreciate what BSG has done with mere plywood and steel. This burgeoning French company has taken frame design in an interesting direction by mixing two of the oldest frame materials. With the frame’s main triangle being fabricated primarily of ash plywood, fully customized frame geometry is easily achieved along with a truly unique aesthetic. Check out different build iterations after the break…


The flagship model sports Shimano’s Alfine 11speed internally geared hub for accelerating your commute, and Shimano hydraulic disc for decelerating. Goodies include a Brooks saddle and matching fenders with an optional wooden fender upgrade.


Keeping thing simplistic is the Duomatic. You will find a classic Sturmey Archer drivetrain with incorporated coaster break, Schwalbe Big Apple tires, and an eye-catching wooden handlebar.


All WOOD.b bike finishes are customizable. The ash plywood can be ordered in seven different stains, and the Columbus steel rear triangles include 18 color options. Hipster jeggings sold separately.


BSG’s WOOD.b bikes are gearing up for public release this September. Check out more detailed pics and other build options at their site.


rider - 06/29/13 - 12:19pm

Bearded and tattooed only need apply.

rider2 - 06/29/13 - 3:54pm

Cool i guess, but does it skid whip?

billy - 06/29/13 - 6:11pm

you guys are about as smug as the hipsters you’re making fun of. seriously.

g - 06/29/13 - 7:45pm

mmmmm… good ole greenwashing.

ludditecyclist - 06/29/13 - 8:34pm


truerider - 06/30/13 - 1:13am

Well said billy. Death to the haters!!!! Try actually making something before being so quick to judge…….

Dutchie - 06/30/13 - 12:15pm

Interesting combination of materials, but design clearly “inspired” by Dutch bicycle brand Vanmoof.

EricNM - 06/30/13 - 12:58pm

Absolutely gorgeous. Rideable art. Love it.

(And I’m an MTB guy!)

B - 07/01/13 - 4:51pm

I’m not sure how one makes the leap from “I found a thing that looks similar” to “clearly inspired by.” Vanmoof is hardly the first company to make bikes with the TT that extends past the ST and HT.

You know you can comment on bike rumor without taking a dump on the product, right? :)

Alnore - 07/03/13 - 3:53pm

@dutchie indeed it screams vanmoof all the way with a hipster touch *smug* :p

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