Scott Introduces Lightest Addict SL Yet

2014 Scott Addict SL

Boasting a frameset that weighs less than 1 kilo (that’s frame and fork), the Addict is back and lighter than ever. By tweaking the HMX Net carbon, the company was able to eek out 39% more comfort from the new frame while increasing BB stiffness by 6%. Aerodynamics weren’t ignored either, with the new frame claiming 25% less wind resistance at 45 KPH.

See the bike in action after the break.


NDE - 06/28/13 - 11:54am

I guess they liked the Garmin video so much they wanted to make their own.

BFA - 06/28/13 - 11:56am

Great edit!

The Donald - 06/28/13 - 12:15pm


velorider - 06/28/13 - 1:52pm

I wonder what laboratory equipment and resulting math is used to evaluate “39% more comfort” on this frame. Maybe they used the Butt-O-Meter

Bevis - 06/28/13 - 2:08pm

Ha, Velorider said Butt-O-Meter. Because Scott would not want to infringe on Specialized Ass-O-Meter. Don’t believe me, here is a Specialized Fit expert explaining it!

pmurf - 06/28/13 - 2:20pm

The sun set at the end…I guess they’re going to descend at night. Hope they brought lights!

velorider - 06/28/13 - 5:18pm

And I always thought an Ass-O-Meter was something the guys used at the beach as a rating system. Well…..spank my bottom, Specialized has a patent on this too!!!

djconnel - 06/29/13 - 1:30pm

The downtube looks to have a truncated airfoil profile similar to the Foil. It’s good to see aerodynamics getting some attention even on the lightest recent bikes (Cervelo, Scott).

Steve M - 06/29/13 - 4:40pm

2.2 pounds for the frame and fork? -that is astounding.

gringo - 07/01/13 - 8:05am

Time for all the haters to ante up. That’s some top notch engineering to reach this weight.

tip ‘o the hat I say.

JV - 07/01/13 - 10:15pm

Ass-O-Meter…why are they rating donkeys?

Seriously hot bike though. Is that what Gerrans rode to victory on stage 3 of the TdF?

lilkev - 07/02/13 - 8:10am

another reason why scott is a better buy then the “mcdonalds brands.”

Ced G - 07/26/13 - 3:32pm

Sorry to be a grammar nazi, but “lightweight” is an adjective (in the context they’re using it)!

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