Peter Sagan’s Special Hulk Themed Cannondale Super Six EVO

Peter Sagan Hulk Cannondale Super Six Evo Bike 2

As is tradition for many Tour stars, Peter Sagan was personally presented with a special edition bike for this year’s Tour de France. To honor the “hulk”, Cannondale painted up his Super Six EVO race bike with a green monster theme that apparently glows in the dark!

See it glow after the break.

Peter Sagan Hulk Cannondale Super Six Evo Bike 3

How’s that for a paint job? Apparently, Sagan has promised more wheelies and finish line celebrations for the 100th Tour.

Peter Sagan Hulk Cannondale Super Six Evo Bike 1

Another look.


Rico - 06/28/13 - 2:02pm

Aside from the white paint on the stem and post that thing is nice.

generalee - 06/28/13 - 2:52pm

what cages are those?

jarod - 06/28/13 - 3:33pm

is it just me, or is that thing UUUgLY

General Meade - 06/28/13 - 3:48pm

How did they get the bike to stand up like that? Witchcraft?

Matt - 06/28/13 - 4:02pm

Cannondale is such a strange company that has had a really strange existence. Despite bad marketing, weird coloring, strange relationships with LBS’ and different ownership over the years, I find their bikes ride amazingly well.

ccolagio - 06/28/13 - 4:16pm

i love the look of that bike and the hollowgram SiSL2 cranks are the sexiest damn cranks i have ever ever seen

James - 06/28/13 - 5:36pm

I wonder if Sagan will be able to keep his hands to himself if he gets on the podium.

truerider - 06/30/13 - 1:48am

Minihulk! He rides a 52! Still an amazing rider! I would have pinched that sweet thangs bottom as well, who really cares…..

truerider - 06/30/13 - 1:53am

@ General Meade……Photoshop dummy;-)

Psi Squared - 06/30/13 - 6:40pm

Apparently the lady who got pinched cared.

gmack - 07/05/13 - 8:01am

Peter sagan actually rides a 54 x 58 custom frame with a 54cm seat tube with a relatively long 58cm top tube.
Cannondale pro team use the Elite Sior Evo Bottle Cage.

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