An Unlikely Ride: Binary Bike Stop Motion Video

You have to check out this awesomely creative stop motion video from Binary Bike. It’s like one of those 2D bicycling video games came to life. Nice work. According to Binary Bike the video took weeks of planning, 35 hours of photography, 1000 pictures, and 10,000 minutes of editing.


John - 06/26/13 - 12:02pm

Very clever – nice job!

Phil - 06/26/13 - 12:12pm

Nice video and neat idea. It seems the drawings are done in the compositing though…

Ryan - 06/26/13 - 12:23pm

Well done, all the efforts paid off.

Jerome - 06/26/13 - 12:25pm

Great entertaining little movie! Made me smile and want to ride… :)

dhbomber - 06/26/13 - 12:35pm

Cool video! 😀

satisFACTORYrider - 06/26/13 - 2:24pm

double supermans!

Eric@505 - 06/26/13 - 3:17pm

Outstanding! I loved it!

Rich - 06/27/13 - 8:16am

I really wanted the suspension to move :(

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