PressCamp 2013: Sugoi’s Restroom-Friendly Women’s RS Pro Bib Shorts

Sugio Womens RS Pro Bib combined copy

While male and female cyclists alike appreciate the comfort offered by bib shorts, all know of the challenges associated with relieving oneself with under-jersey suspenders in place.  While men can (usually) make bib’d pee breaks work, women aren’t so lucky.  At PressCamp last week, Canadian clothiers Sugoi were on hand with what looks like a promising solution.  In their 2014 Women’s RS Pro Bib Shorts, the company have added a pair of quick release clips at the base of the straps’ front that make nature calls something to be taken rather than ignored.  No one-trick pony, the RS Pros are a full-featured high-end short.  More after the break…

Sugio Womens RS Pro Bib action 1

Sugoi Womens RS Pro Bib stock 2Apologies for the stock photos- our photos of a partially-disrobed mannequin were… awkward.

In addition to their trademark clips, the Women’s RS Pro bibs feature a re-engineered leg opening with silicone printed inner tape and a low-profile leg band to keep the short in place.  Here, Sugoi use their molded and welded women’s Formula FX chamois and removed the inseam to minimize bulk.  The Ultra Aero fabric is said to offer “excellent stretch and recovery” while providing “outstanding moisture management and breathability.”

Altogether, the Women’s RS Pro Bib Shorts look like a nice package- with a well considered flagship feature.  Word is that there is at least one men’s version floating around, too- but isn’t currently slated for production.  We don’t have pricing at the moment, but the RS Pros should be available late this winter.


Superstantial - 06/25/13 - 9:56am

“Awkward”? Well, now you have to post those pictures

Chris - 06/25/13 - 11:43am

It is about time someone addressed this!

Whatever - 06/25/13 - 11:51am

Real girl riders already ride in bibs. Non-real girl, err women, riders that are the target market for this “advancement” will never ride in bibs. Ever.

Let’s keep designing stuff we don’t need. And keep in mind, It’s not terribly easy for us boys to pee in bibs either. It’s roadside yoga for both sexes.

Jake - 06/25/13 - 11:52am

Will the girls be able to pee while riding like the guys do?

vectorbug - 06/25/13 - 12:39pm

Whatever – I’m shocked they didn’t consult you before spending the money to develop these!

SYJ - 06/25/13 - 12:58pm

I’m confused as to how front clips will help things. It seems that once they’ve been unclipped, the jersey would still need to be removed to replace them after the business has been completed.

Alex - 06/25/13 - 2:28pm

Pearl Izumi has already been offering a women’s bib that has a “drop tail” that allows ladies the opportunity for a pit stop without having to take anything off. No clips to undo either. My lady friend has a pair and loves them. They also do tights as well for winter use.

Champs - 06/25/13 - 3:05pm

Hunching down to slip your junk out of bibs doesn’t come even close to the feat of squatting.

This article is begging to post awkward photos, and I’d love to see them. Any “escape hatch” design I can think of compromises durability, comfort, and/or modesty.

Dave - 06/25/13 - 3:14pm

You’ve seen the Pearl Izumi PRO and Elite women’s Bibshorts which have been popular for the past few seasons that have a far more simple and effective solution to this right?

CDB - 06/25/13 - 3:30pm

So, how do these work? I assume the goal is to to pull your bibs down to reveal your butt to the air while not having to remove the jersey (not so bad with full zip top). I imagine you unclip the lower front bib straps, then slide the shorts down behind, which then tugs the unclipped front bib strap ends back towards your shoulders? So, is that extra horizontal abdomen band designed to be a stopper at your throat, to keep the bibs from slipping down your back underneath your jersey?

TFT - 06/25/13 - 5:38pm

I hope Sugoi has made similar improvements to their customer support. To be fair, they really didn’t do anything wrong… they just didn’t do anything — return a call, respond to email, etc.

Topmounter - 06/25/13 - 5:53pm

Why don’t they just integrate a Go Girl into the bibs?

RickyBob - 06/25/13 - 6:44pm

I just pee while riding. Problem solved.

Nuthouse - 06/25/13 - 9:01pm

Women, here’s a secret: easiest way to pee in bibs is to pull one of the legs and the crotch of the bibs aside and let ‘er rip. Just make sure you buy stretchy bibs! And these bibs are probably one of the worst ideas I’ve seen. No problems solved, just more steps that one has to go through in order to drop their drawers–unclip suspenders, pull shorts down, pull shorts up, unzip lersey, re-clip suspenders, re-zip jersey…

Nice try, Sugoi.

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