Video: Peter Sagan Shows How Pros Get Bikes on Roof Racks


Matt J - 06/24/13 - 9:11am

This is actually Peter Sagan.

Greg - 06/24/13 - 9:11am

As awesome as it would be to see Carl Sagan ride a bike onto a roof I think you mean Peter.

Rob - 06/24/13 - 9:11am

Carl Sagan could explain the physics of this for sure, but I’m pretty sure Peter Sagan is the one riding the bicycle here…

Vegancheesesteak - 06/24/13 - 9:11am

Carl Sagan…haha…

turtlehead - 06/24/13 - 9:13am

CARL Sagan???????

Oscar - 06/24/13 - 9:14am


Nick - 06/24/13 - 9:14am

Yeah, you mean Peter Sagan guys!

bike_master - 06/24/13 - 9:15am

Carl is actually Pete’s dad…

Ryan - 06/24/13 - 9:24am

I would love to be able to do that; imagine the look one strangers’ faces.

Tyler Benedict - 06/24/13 - 10:09am

Dang, you all are quick. Yep, seems our head was in the stars this morning. Headline fixed, but we’re not sure about his hood.

mike - 06/24/13 - 10:35am

must be nice to not give a flying Fark

Psi Squared - 06/24/13 - 10:56am

There’s no doubt that Carl would have thought Peter shined more brilliantly than typical main sequence stars.

nobby nic - 06/24/13 - 1:44pm

I’m sure Cannondale loves watching this video so close to the start of the tour. If (if vid is even real) injured, he better heal up quick.

John O - 06/24/13 - 1:59pm

More impressive than riding up the hood is sticking the landing on the dismount from the roof.

Colin - 06/24/13 - 5:02pm

I’m really sad no one has mentioned butt pinching yet…

Alan - 06/24/13 - 5:44pm

I feel like there must have been some sort of ramp at the front of the car. He doesn’t really lift the rear wheel up and that’s a pretty good height to just run right into.

Yetiman - 06/24/13 - 7:38pm

He was a mountain biker.

Big Cow - 06/24/13 - 8:38pm


Big Cow - 06/24/13 - 8:39pm


Big Cow - 06/24/13 - 8:41pm


Big Cow - 06/24/13 - 8:41pm


drkrvr - 06/25/13 - 8:58am

Area looks like it is in Bratislava (SVK). Is it?

PROEDGEBIKER.COM - 06/30/13 - 10:29am

I Agree with Alan but all & all great vid.

ibike365 - 07/01/13 - 11:32am

Bike he’s riding has some GPS unit on the bars. The one on the roof race does not. As cool a vid as it is, I’m calling shenanigans!

Zach Overholt - 07/01/13 - 11:46am

If you look closely at 35 seconds, the GPS is still there. Anything is possible right?

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