Just In! Easton’s Carbon-Friendly Lock-On Grips

SONY DSCWe know, we know: how much improvement can a pair of grips boast?  Well, Easton had a look around the market and–as one of the largest sellers carbon bars around–found it lacking.  In particular, they found that the design of most of the lock-on grips on the market weren’t particularly kind to carbon or lightweight bars.  They also found that the commonly-used Kraton material lacking in terms of abrasion- and UV-resistance.  The result is these handsome (sorry) grips in six colors and two diameters.  Hit the jump for more!

SONY DSCEaston’s main innovation here is a clamp that grabs the bar through the grips’ base plastic.  This keeps the hard aluminum away from the bar, preventing stress risers.  Both inner and outer clamps sit below a layer of grip material, which should keep them comfortable and add a bit of security at the bars’ ends.  In addition, the outer clamps are closed to further protect the bars.

SONY DSCThe elastomeric polyurethane grip material was chosen by Easton for its combination of “advanced cushioning properties” and improved resistance to abrasion and ultraviolet light when compared to commonly-used rubbers.  The palm area is densely padded and minimally textured while on the far side grip and control are provided by raised text.  Lest the rider forget their grip brand, the Easton logotype appears roughly 70 times per pair of grips.

On the bike, the 30mm, 104g (actual) grips are slim but comfortable and the dense palm area does feel like a nicely broken-in grip.  The clamps are nicely machined and their covers a nice touch.  In addition to our slim pair, a 33mm diameter is available for those looking for a bit more comfort.  Grips with clamps are available in the US this month at a reasonable $25.  Check back after a few months for a proper long-term review…





Sevo - 06/23/13 - 3:48pm

FINALLY….because you know I’ve broken soooo many carbon bars over the last 10 years right at the grips because of poorly designed grips. Thank you Easton for making something I totally don’t need.

David French - 06/23/13 - 3:56pm

It’s just so they can turn down even more warranty claims, their favourite game.

silverlining - 06/23/13 - 4:01pm

These look ok, but are they enduro approved?

Rain - 06/23/13 - 4:25pm

70 logos per set of grips too. . . .

Sardinian rider - 06/23/13 - 4:32pm

Stop bashing. I hate to leave marks on my carbon bars,both from handles or stem. These things are a very welcome addition among the hundreds of other useless bike kits you’ll find yourself wanting. On top of that I have a thing for everything Easton !!

patrik - 06/23/13 - 4:36pm

Noble, no doubt. But quick: raise your hand if your current lock-on grips caused a catastrophic failure that caused you to exclaim, “Dammit, I need a lock-on grip that works better on my carbon bars!”


Chunky - 06/23/13 - 4:41pm

A solution to a problem that doesn’t exist.

Maybe a new handlebar standard is needed once the 650b circus has calmed down.

Tim A - 06/23/13 - 4:59pm

So Easton has come up with a grip that they hope is comfortable, good-looking, and long-lasting. At the same time, they’ve gone out of their way to save your sorry a**es from maybe scoring your expensive carbon bars. And they’re cheaper than ODIs.

That’s offensive how?

Keith - 06/23/13 - 7:07pm

What’s a lock on grip? My ESI’s have worked perfectly for years…..

alloycowboy - 06/23/13 - 8:34pm

So you just spend over a hundred clams on a light weight carbon bar to shave weight on your ride only to put all that weight back on with bolt on grips! Is Easton serious? Have they not heard of Scott Grip glue available at most motorcycle shops?

Eli - 06/23/13 - 8:45pm

Working in a shop, I’ve seen AT LEAST a dozen bars that broke (most while being ridden) because people over-tightened their grip and ruined their bar.

The problem doesn’t lie in the bars or grips, its lies in the idiots not checking their specs.

For some people, gluing a grip on and riding your bike for five years is fine. Others (myself included) change out their cockpit sometimes and its nice to know I’m not going to ruin my fancy bar swapping to SS for the winter.

tom - 06/23/13 - 10:08pm

People are still using lock ons? ESI never slips.

MaLóL - 06/23/13 - 10:11pm

well done Easton. next thing, try to make the grip less ugly.

Esi grips, the one and only grips out there. All the rest is crap in comparisson.

Fabricio - 06/23/13 - 10:39pm

Never had problem with my Ruffian and my carbon bars, different brands, include Easton, if you want to reduce the torque used to tight them, just place some carbon specific grease between the grip and handlebar (I use the Finish Line, no adds for them here) it can reduce until 30 percent of torque and still tight very well.

Steve - 06/24/13 - 12:25am

What a marketing baloney !

Brian - 06/24/13 - 2:38am

Most sh*t comes to market these days with no excuse at all other than pretty colors or new model year. More choice is always a good thing. Why’s everyone so down on these?

Chris - 06/24/13 - 7:45am

@Brian – Why are people down on these?
This is Bike Rumor. The site’s great, but the commenters come to talk trash. Some products I just skip to the comments for a chuckle. Sooooo negative about everything. Great fun.

Derek - 06/24/13 - 8:27am

^^Ditto, see the post on the Ibis Mojo HDR. It must be cold, because the hate is cranking.

vhom - 06/24/13 - 12:27pm

I just wished they made it like ODI’s rogue. I’m one of those people who are always moving my hands around the handlebars. But I’m really liking my current set-up with the ESI Chunky. That’s the ultimate damping setup with a carbon bar.

Eric@505 - 06/24/13 - 2:10pm

@Chris, @ Derek:
Ditto, me. There are certain postings where I always skip straight to the Comments (see especially anything Specialized, Budnitz, or KickStarter related). ; )

DJ - 06/24/13 - 2:25pm

check out http://spurcycle.com/ these grips are the easyiest grips to install and are 34mm for big hands + you can mix the colours.

Zach D - 06/24/13 - 3:21pm

I actually just read every one of these comments about a pair of grips…

Steve - 06/24/13 - 4:03pm

OURY Grips, the one and only, for me !!!!

Josh - 07/01/13 - 7:19am

Anyone knows if these grips are 650B compatible?

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